Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Day 4 as we start from Bomdilla towards SELA pass

Appu Working on getting his Inner line permit
Day 4- Nov - 4th
The previous day we had come to Bhalukgpong, reached approx. at:
ODO reading - 3388
Time – approx. 1600 hours.

While the jhankhand, Kodarma and Patna riders continued on to Bomdilla, I shudder to think about riding again at night and missing all the cool sceneries along the way. They would be riding for 5 hours at least.

 Appu got his permits done at Bhalukpong and we applied for all Arunachal permission while we were here and we drove in and fuelled up, fuel was Rs 64. Liter, compared to Rs 72-73 the country over, well we tanked up at night before we retired at night, we stayed at a hotel, met a few tourists Bengali ones who were on there way back from Tawang, so we had a update of what to expect ahead of us, WHICH sounded like what we would have expected, no rains, some snow, not bad, n some good and some bad roads.
Saddle up at 0800 hours

We start from Bhalukpong, odometer 3393, at 0800 hours we only plan to do 100 km to bomdilla, and plan to make images along the way, just take things easy after doing almost 4 days of long day rides.

Bright colored dhaba, Roadside
Rajat with Appu's bike at waterfall

Aloo Paratha, for breakfast

We started our day with breakfast with the locals, Aloo paratha and some good conversation with the locals as we enjoy the sun on this cold day

We stopped along the way at a waterfall, 20 Km from Bhalukpong 

and a few other scene spots and we were at Tenga by 1200 hours, OD: 3477

On the way I had a fall, the wheel for stuck between rocks as I tried to go around a corner, n my front Brake lever got bent, well I like the look of the bend, and I am going to keep it as a memory of the incident.

As we were brunching (2nd breakfast) at Tenga met a couple from Pune a man and his wife, both in there 70’s who were driving on there own, the man full on passionate about driving and we had a nice chat session for an hour, they shared there plans of staying at Bomdilla and name of the hotel, maybe we will get lucky and get accommodation at the same hotel too, as there was a festival on in Bomdilla, and accommodation could be difficult.

View from the hotel

we reach Bomdilla finally at 1500 hours, ODI: 3509 its a lovely hotel we find and after some baffling we fix on a room and then we rush off to do some interesting images at the Helicopter base that Apu had spied and I was all game to go make some images there, classes bike images.

Apukuttan with his bike

Thuppa and Momo, oh so delicious

After a few images we came down and had a massive Thuppa and Momo, it was wonderful in the cold cold weather, n then to watch a cultural program the hotel staff was interested in watching the program, they were clear we would not be getting no dinner come what may, for them the show was more fun n just cause it was almost Zero degrees was not going keep them away from the party.

The evening rolled along and we retired early what with Apu in shorts almost freezing,
yes we are headed to SELA next .

to be cont ...

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