Sunday, December 10, 2017

Jayanti River Originating from Bhutan

Sunrise on banks of Jayanti river

Jayanti is a small forest village within Buxa Tiger Reservein Alipurduar district of West BengalIndia. It is located along the Jayanti River, forming a natural border with the Bhutan hills. It is popular with hikers for its beautiful views of the surrounding landscape and wild fountains.

 The 13 km trek from Buxaduar to Jayanti is especially popular, passing through the dense forest of the Buxa Tiger Reserve.though many choose to not trek but Jeep it.

River with submerged bridge

The bridge on the river made in 1916 by the British stood tall, and in the last 17 years the fury of the river had deposited so many rocks and boulders that all that’s left of the bride is the top of the pillar of the bridge, rest of the bridge is fully submerged in the rocks alone of the river.

I Spend a day at Jayanti, 32 km from ALipurdwar, is a forest, River Jayanti which is fed by glacier water from Bhutan, the water is crystal clear, the locals use it as drinking water and they fill large 20 liter bottles and use it as drinking water, and for cooking and so on.
Water From the spring

Water being filled in Water drums, Real mineral water
There are many a jeep that cross the river to go to the Jayanti forest where there are elephants and leopards, I did not see any but am sure there are.

Water Crossing by Jeep

Film Coming soon on Jayanti river,,,


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