Sunday, December 3, 2017

North East Riders Mania ( NERM) diary - day 1 comes to an end.

Day 1 - route

After the hiccup of realizing that my saddle bag was left in Kolkata, n we having to buy a saddle bag last moment, (lucky I found one I liked, it was more big then it needed to be, but than I did not know that when I bought it) 

31st Nov- morning is already here and time to head out for the 15-day trip to NERM, nerm starts on 10th and we had 11 days to reach the event

The first day saw u start out early morning, 0600 hours but as is usual we just hung out in Jamshedpur itself and was 0900 hours 
David, Sisir, me, Ganesh and Raees were finally on our way and we were still getting ready, so there we were in jamshedpur and getting impatient to get going for the trip, as we headed out I realized my summer bike protection 
Saddled up and ready to head out 

was not going to be enough and I again went back home and wore my riding jacket, and
Boy was I glad for the rest of the trip that I did that, for it did get cold as the day went along,

Fuelled up full tank, odometer said: 01830km, we were out of jar via choke, and we stopped at choke were till the RKMC boys had come to drop us off,
It was a grey day and the sun dint really shows up, we found ourselves in Ranchi and stopped for a snack at
1145 hrs. odometer : 1983
Snack really, I am getting impatient with the guys for being so slow on food but all seem to want to go hungry so I keep quiet and go along with some samosa and jalebi.

Not enough food in me

BY 1330 WE WERE IN HAZARIBAGH, and it was going on a good clip, we were making good time, 2080 Km the odometer said and we continued on with a stop in bokaro to get a bike fixed that was shorting out, n finally with daylight getting low we were in kodarma at 1710 hours, odo: 2138 km

We had done: 308 km in 8 hours of riding it was a slow start and I was all for taking a break for he day and relaxing and spending time in Kodarma with the kodarma boys who were to joining us for the rest of the ride, there were 3 riders who joined us at koderma and we had a lovely chicken and roti meal and rode around the city like idiots with lights blazing no one in Koderma really cared that there were bikers roaming the streets but then such is life. we are sometimes so full of ourself.

We fueled up and hit the sack early as we planned for a 0400 hours departure there would be 9 of us from this point on.

to be cont ...

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