Saturday, December 2, 2017

Off to Delhi for a wedding

Rahul with parents and sister

My cousins walking towards his next ( 2nd phase of life)  as he loses his freedom, marriage never seemed to work for me, hope it does for him,

Me with the Train approaching the station

We start from Jamshedpur, Rajdhani is the train to take to Delhi, we boarded and am in compartment A2, while 2 aunt and a uncle and his wife is in A1, maybe we will all get together on the train, or not, waiting for the TT as I look at the new train packaging of food.

Took the first bite of food, not too bad, the samosa is quiet nice and warm

As the train rolls along the TT offered to change my seat to be with my family, n I agreed, surprised the TT was going out of his way to do it, but the A1 compartment is packed and so warm, n kids wailing, no I am back in A2, have no patience and love my solitude to be here n watch a movie and use my time then just sit and do nothing

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