Friday, March 25, 2016

Raju The key Maker

After enjoying Holi we were doing the goodbyes as the Varun devta made a appearance and the door slammed behind us the hosts were locked out of the house.

After the blame game, we descended 22 floors to get a key maker, found one  aptly named :
Raju Keymaker
And he came home tried for 5 minutes to open the door,  announced he would be charging us Rs 2500 to open the door,  Being in a fix we kept quiet and he was at it, trying to jimmy the lock not open it with a key, went on for 20 minutes before we thought of calling another key maker, panic time for him as he heard us talk -
He claimed the other guy was his brother, and if he could not open the lock , what good was his brother, another 15 minutes go by, before we call Salim  the key maker ,
N LO peresto , he got it open in 5 minutes flat

Trying to take advantage of people in dire straits is the loser habit, also called making a fast buck or cheating  legally. Guess what Mr Raju , you hopefully learnt a lesson on How not to cheat. If you want to be there for the long run.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

And then it was shantiniketan- Rabindranath one

It was a good 4 days film Shoot, and a whirlwind shoot in Shantiniketan
Starting out on 5th of March, it was an exciting shoot, with many firsts

Some bad some very bad, loads of  good, some enjoyable, some tiring

Like all film shoots it is always a lesson.

These exercises sure teach us who we are, and if we listen to our inner voice we know are better n better.

waiting for the next life lesson

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

a group of wonderful people

Had an opportunity to Photograph a wonderful person, Mr. Alok Shelty an architect , well down

Great work you are doing