Sunday, December 23, 2012

AN Silent and scared govt

The simplicity of nature keeps me so engaged, how come the other men are so into rape and pillage and plunder?

What is it that makes a man needed to plunder and then beat up women?
How can the govt not have the balls to do anything about that?

Isn’t silence also being a part of the problem, The president of USA cried in public when his country men suffer, the president of My country is too scared to show face, if it is so, then maybe eye for an eye and end of society is in sight?

Indeed 21st Dec 2012 marks the end of callous society, n start of an
Conscientious society.

Glad they were not fighting for India’s Freedom, they would have failed miserable 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Perfect Is nature

Why why do I even bother, the nature is so perfect, I might have to soon start on another subject the beauty is so much already there, do people really see it, if they do I will start shooting other subject, till then I will persist with nature, else like a friend says -  why why shoot nature it is so perfect, look for other subjects .

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

across 7 seas, off to INDia

Across 7 seas on the other side of the world, here I am 40 hrs. after having travelled through multiple sunsets of 
california - japan - singapore, finally later breezing through customs, n making a beeline for life in India ;)   it is nice n relaxing , n somehow don’t know why am not that rushed , all of a sudden there seems to be more time and life is relaxed , WOW !  Wonder what it is out here that makes one feel like this?

Great to me back home ;)