Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Train Journey

There is no taking away from the fact that families in India are the main stay of most Indians, and yes if you have a family a large family you are happy.

Look at this family that has come to see 2 members off  .if this does not talk of love what does?

Took some time off and travelled the country by Train the last 2 weeks

Indian railways a pleasure to travel; though most often the Air-conditioned coach has cockroaches for company

That being said it is comfortable and life on train is nice, to lie and watch the world buzz by,,, awesome feel

No matter how hard I try I always seem to over pack, and usually by a margin of double of what I use up on a trip.

The ability of these guys to sleep wherever they are just puts me to shame, that’s what being adjusting all about

Yes the art of reading the news via a paper and not on I pad, is a fun action while travelling

On this trip I lost a water Bottle, yes this water bottle made me feel good, so I guess did loose something and got to learn to be more careful

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bikes and stunts on Bikes

A pre-ride with The royal Kings of Jamshedpur, a bunch of us rode out towards  Hata 40 odd Km from Tatanagar  and 20 odd km from there towards halt,     time well spend with some of the finest folks 

0700 hours at the showroom of ENfiled in Jamshedpur, the fine folks loaned me a bike for a day to complete my ride, 
Thank you , AHUJA Motors, Jamshedpur

the riders pose enroute 

 the ride was  a build up towards 21st June the world Motorcycle day,   modern times force things to happen on a holiday like on a sunday ( maybe thats why we have things like a world motorcycle day )    for me every day is so :) 

 Of course there was gastronomical delight time enroute

  Tea being made to end the pit stop

The evening saw  few riders from the famed daredevils of the army at there best  showing off there skills,   very interesting to see them ride on different surface like there they ride on Grass in a field as they show off there marvelous skills.