Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bikes and stunts on Bikes

A pre-ride with The royal Kings of Jamshedpur, a bunch of us rode out towards  Hata 40 odd Km from Tatanagar  and 20 odd km from there towards halt,     time well spend with some of the finest folks 

0700 hours at the showroom of ENfiled in Jamshedpur, the fine folks loaned me a bike for a day to complete my ride, 
Thank you , AHUJA Motors, Jamshedpur

the riders pose enroute 

 the ride was  a build up towards 21st June the world Motorcycle day,   modern times force things to happen on a holiday like on a sunday ( maybe thats why we have things like a world motorcycle day )    for me every day is so :) 

 Of course there was gastronomical delight time enroute

  Tea being made to end the pit stop

The evening saw  few riders from the famed daredevils of the army at there best  showing off there skills,   very interesting to see them ride on different surface like there they ride on Grass in a field as they show off there marvelous skills.


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    1. Thanks sunny , will check out your site yes :)