Saturday, July 29, 2017

My learning from this workshop:

The students :

The Kids

Revising the notes of yesteryears, I came across Chiaroscura, 

Why we use low key , to get more modeling and more chiaroscuro effect. Then anything else,  it is not necessarily to suggest the dark alone though it does work, but I think , more of the 3 d image arises from the low key YA ?

and oh ya yours Truly 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Photography workshop, It is Bhubaneswar

Students at work

It is that time of the year, a week of interacting with wonderful kids and instructors, to make some new pals that will stay the course and a week to recharge myself with new ideas of the kids that I get to teach photography
They never cease to surprise me with the changing youthful ideas and I learn as much as I teach a fair exchange I say.

power of the selfie

The rains

RAINS RAINS more rains in Mumbai what a week it is just rains and n more rains   hard fast rains that is just like Mumbai, it gives all as intensely as it can and then moves on, so very Mumbai   love it, it takes no prisoner, if u are caught in the shower u will be drenched to the deep inner skin.

It is so so very different from the playful rains that I chanced on as I was in the rural part of India, looking after my farmlands and spend time chasing kids as they played in the countryside, or as I spied the tracks of the tractors as they tread the fields

Monday, July 10, 2017

Nature at Play

Sporadic monsoons are here, the rain god are around us but playing shy, This year has been a hard one and have come to realize good crops does not mean better price for farmers, but being able to hold on, store the grains and being able to sell the grains after other have sold will fetch me a better price, Everything is a strategy.

What to plant in the field and how it will turn out is also a strategy that one needs to evaluate and act same as in life, when and where and what ,,,