Monday, April 24, 2017

Joy of being alive

I was walking along the road, and I say a  girl waking towards me,  she was far away as I saw her, her shape, n walk was alluring, I looked and looked and as we drew close she was next to a motorbike, n my eyes alas stayed on the lines of the bike alone.  The joys of being alive

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Saptarishis of this Manwantar

The Sunday found me in august company of a bunch of open minded peopled discussing Mythology without prejudices, now that’s a interesting place you will agree in this day when rabble rousing is so the in thing.
The talk was headed by Mr. Agarwal who has written a few books on the saptarishis and is a doctor who is now more into looking at pulses of Mythology then patients.

Did you know Saptarishis changed every Manwantar?
The saptarishis are the 7 stars that you see in the sky and it is said the saptarishis are the ones who live there,

 Now what is a manwantar?
A specific Manu who is a creation of Brahma rules each Manwantar
Each manwantar is 306720000 human years.

The current sages of the manwantar now are :
ATRI -      Atri and anasuya (not my ex GF) lived in chitrakoot, chandravanshis are from Atri’s lineage.

BHARADWAJ -        He led ram to chitrakoot, told him what a lovely place it is. He was father of Dronacharya.
He conducted a Putrakameshthi yagna for Bharat to be born (Bharat)

GAUTAM -       the man of Ahilya, he lived near current day trumbekashwar, he had 5 sons, one was priest of Janak anjani (hanumans mother) is daughter of Gautama and ahaliya.

JAMDAGNI -      was father of parashuram, and was related to vishwamitra, and married to Renuka, they lived in Janapaw near Indore, had 5 sons, he is credited with having discovered slippers and umbrella (the story goes that the sun was very hot and he picked up his bow to shoot at sun when the sun gifted him that which would help the earthlings be able to handle the suns heat)

KASHYAP – Grandson of Brahma, he was from Kashmir, and was the one who populated the earth, Aditya the mom of gods were his wife, Danu, mom of danavs was also his wife, he is father of all species of life, and no there was no bestiality involved. He officiated parashurams Ashwamed yagna

VISHWAMITRA – he was born a king, was materialistic, he ran into vashist and got converted to the spiritual side of things he got to know about the cow Nandi and attempted to grab Nandi, but was defeated by nandi’s army that originated from nandis body parts
He is the only saptarishi who was born a human, he lived in kanauj in UP and composed 3rd mandal of Rig-Veda, gayatrimantra was opened to the masses by him, 

He gave Ram and Laxman knowledge of weapons and how to go for long without food.

VASHIST – he taught Rama, was kulguru of Suryavanshis, lived near manila was a manasputra and lived in times of raja Harish Chandra wife was Arundhati, had 100 sons he composed yog puran agnipuran, and had tussle with vishwamitra

The saptarishis for the next manwantar are:


 I am sure there are things you did not know about that you do know now