Monday, November 28, 2011

ThanxGiving trip

Went to Arizona, for thanxgiving , loads of food , and a excellent drive ,
here is a pict of the drive , the food will follow ;)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

More on negotiation

kids are the best negotiators

Reframing: look at the bigger picture, zoom out, n realize there is a bigger picture.

If u are fighting over a piece of pizza, zooming out u realize there are other slices they’re that u could work towards

Ask: why

Why not

What if

What would you advice

Ask open-ended questions

E.g.: don’t ask if policy can be changed, ask how can it be changed?

Ask questions on what makes the deal fair

We deal with




How do u deal with these?

a- Ignore the stonewall (though do test it, n then ignore it) if it is real issue the other will mention it over and over,

b- Renegotiate the stonewall as an aspiration.

When Attacked-

a- deflect attack, by ignoring the attack,

b- reframe the attack, that is not against you but against the problem at hand

c- Reframe attack, n deflect it by changing it into a joke

d- Reframe the issue at hand; let go of the past wrong, n work on the issue at hand.


Ask clarifying questions - why? How did you get to it?

What’s your profit margin?

If they are talking too fast - be careful

Look for body language, being same as what they are saying

Make reasonable request, if they don’t agree then they are probably tricking you.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Lighting obectives in a scene

Lighting Objectives




Emphasize on: separation


Graphic effect

Mood- the key light sets the mood

Fill light sets the contrast ratio.

Lighting strategy





Think about where will the key light be?

What’s the source, what’s the motivation?

Decide on camera angle before you lock the look

Lighting ratio? How much contrast

Key light should ideally be exposed normal, n it establishes the mood of the shot

Ratios are like 4: 1, 8: 1, and 16: 1 so on

Background light: it sets tones, and create context for the environment, it is used solely to light the space around the subject.

Practical’s: used as motivation within the space or as a prop. Practical’s are seen in the scene that you are shooting sometimes, like lamp. Campfire

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Met a friend, been almost 13 yrs. since we saw the other, it was like a breath of fresh air, after years and years of just thinking of meeting up it finally happened

People we connect with, even with passage of time there is no change when we meet we pick up where we left off, n take it further, as if time never existed between us, the power of the mind it creates it all

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cinematography - 8 - 1: Films and processing

Video responds better in low light, while film works better in and more forgiving while overexposed.

Contrast can be controlled at various levels

At camera level

Choice of film stock

Lighting style

Production design

Filters on camera

Digital camera setting (not raw)

Pan flasher

At lab level by:

Pre or post flashing

Push / pull processing

Special lab process

Digital manipulation

Tiffin makes Dfx filters to show how the film will look after it is processed

Basically there is no color film; it just has 3 layers of dye- couplers

So there is:

Oxidation – reduction

Color couple

Color dye

Metallic silver



Bleach bypass looks like it has pastel colors, and rich blacks this is when the positive has been bleach bypassed.

If Bleachbyass is done on the negative stage, the film has bright shiny whites, almost glowing kinds, and some colors are very saturated, like red.

E.g.: amorous peros the movie.

Cross processing gives more color shift , n higher contrast.

Timing: is process of evaluating the negative scene by scene, and making the color and density adjustment in order to strike a good print.

It established printer time based on RGB values; on a 50-point scale, where 8 points equal one stop of light.

If perfect it should read: 30 - 30 - 30

Printing up (brightens) is a low number so needs to be printed up

Printing down (dark) is a higher number

Higher the number: its overexposed

Lower the number it is underexposed.

Colors and density must always balance between the 3 numbers L 30 – 30 – 30

In medicine color brightness and contrast can be manipulated more accurately

Usually a feature needs approx. 12000 feet of stock

Sleepy hollow had bleach bypass at positive stage

Amores peros had bleach bypass at negative stage

Black hawk down


and house of flying daggers had major Di to saturate colors