Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Deutsch Bank, India- another failed bank

I was expecting a document from UCLA, where they said they would be sending me a certificate, in 3 days flat the document reached from LA to Jamshedpur.   From Mumbai to Jamshedpur a document on an average took 5 days, thats how long it took my bank to send document VIA Bluedart, the most expensive courier service in the country.

My Bank Deutsche Bank

Am proud to be associated with this bank, after all this is a international bank, out of Germany and sounds very smart, I bought into the efficient bank since it is a private bank with a lot of services, every time I tried any of there services, I was told, Oh we can service you for what you want us to do, We did offer services because you do not use that service every day, so we are unable to take care of your request.

I bought into their excuse and just to keep a relationship alive went along, been travelling and realized I need an ATM card
Have been an account holder from 2006 and never used their ATM service attached with my account, I asked for an ATM cad, and thus started my ordeal with the Private bank.

Dec 26th I showed up in Kolkata office and they said sorry you have to use Phone banking.

Great so I did that and was told, OK we will send it to you in 4 days,

4 days past there is no ATM card, so I request them to send my card to my home branch in Mumbai, I get there on 5th JAN
There is no card
No record that a card request was ever made.

We make a fresh request for the card to be delivered to the branch. I am told it will happen in 2 – 3 days time,  

I stay in Mumbai till 9th; there is no card that shows up
I extent my trip till 11th, still no card

Finally I ask for the card to be forwarded to my address where I am temporarily staying.

Multiple (actually with calls every day since 19th Jan, finally the card shows on 22nd Jan, but no pin Number, so the card is no good. I am assured it will be delivered by 25th, Fri, but NO it does not show up.

Today is 26th Jam Republic Day as I write this report on the inefficiency of the private sector, and why checks on such corporates are necessary, there is no way that anyone that anyone including he private sector will stay in line without the whip being cracked on there back, specially the Private sectors who are bigger and uglier bully as there is no one responsible for anything.

Finally the card reached me on 28th.   Mind you Duetsch bank is run by Indians who might be programmed to lie, and work the system.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Girl child IN INdia

Time for the girl child to get her right in India, the only way for the nation to develop and be a developed nation is when she can walk without fear


An organization attempting to get the youth on the move, an impressive group of students came together to say what they thought about empowering India, how the growth of women compliments the growth of the country, after all globally girls are becoming a force to reckon with, in 2012 more then double of girls bough houses compared to men, for every 2 men getting a college degree, 3 women are getting the same.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Surjivan - 30 miles from Gurgaon ( i think ) http://www.surjivan.com/

It is all a matter of faith they say, when there is a calling only then can one visit some magical spots in one's lifetime. surjivan is one of them.

only about 29 kms from delhi, Surjivan is set amidst a precipitous terrain and unique geographical location,which has helped the resort to keep its biodiversity. it is a delightful abode with a proper road system being set in place fast and quick. the principle on which Surjivan functions is, we do not interfere with the environment around us and we try make sure no one else does. the rooms are mud huts, yes, actual mudhuts, beautifully and lovingly maintained, the facilities star quality,

 the services are personalized, smiley, prompt, with lengthy conversations about life in the villages around. food served is completely organic and grown within the complex, the herbs and spices used to cook in the open kitchen, flourish in the deliciously scented herb garden.
the sweet-smelling pines and trees greeted us the moment we reached the gate. it was a remarkable walk from the gate, through the enchanting beauty and silence and one is awestruck by the sublime lush greenery. lying back leisurely in the terrace on a spotless wooden cot with a chatai on it, one spotted a solitary golden eagle gliding along with the breeze, the queen of the brilliant skies above and the land below. it promised to be an experience of a life time. the place is home to some exotic flora and fauna and many animals and birds like Jackal, and giant flying Squirrel and other wild animals. the thick foliage makes is a little difficult to catch a glimpse of the animals but it’s a heaven for the ornithologists. it also has beautiful strolling paths. 

the next day, the thickest of fogs and a slight drizzle added to the beauty of the place. there was kind of meditative music in the silence that wrapped the entire area.

 occasionally we could hear bird calls or see some exotic bird take a flight from the depths of the trees into the vast sky. the only constant sound was that of the crickets and the drizzle. one almost wishes there were fables surrounding this mysterious and mystical 3 starred village, but there are not.  its untouched pristine beauty makes surjivan a place worth visiting. 
as the day rolled, the wet sun was back in the game - it woke up from it's slumber and glanced leisurely at the earth below , the mossy trees of this area and the serene silent smoky existence of the unique resort with its relaxed attitude towards life, and incredibly pampering and smiling and prompt service to the guests is so appealing that one almost wants to renounce the world and settle there. and the intentional lack of outside interferences like the television encourages one to explore the territory, the back-to-the-basics games like gilli danda and pithoo, and there are adventure sports like rock-climbing  can be enjoyed too in the huge property. the 'survivor' reality show was shot here. the track is fully functional, and many a hour can be spent trying the various courses.
we watched the sun stabbed sky as the afternoon shadows began to stretch long and thin. the evening sun was in its splendor and we relaxed on the green carpet of soft grass to enjoy the one of the most beautiful sunsets we had ever seen. it was also our last one for the trip. it was the time for the birth of night with all its mysteries and dark potentialities. 

again, an extremely tasteful dinner was served with another set of brilliant smiles and the happy-to-see-you eat attitude of everyone there encourages one to overindulge. the dining area is a large hut done up in the traditional style, with wooden beams and an old, antique dresser that stole my heart away. the food astounding as ever, and then, the most intoxicating walks in the deep dark purple night, under in the brilliantly starlit sky. i guess those who are not afraid of the dark see the most beautiful night skies.
the next day, it was heartbreaking to leave the tranquility and peace of this lovely paradise on earth but the time had come to bid adieu. we left the past and drove into the glitter and madness of present. our hearts were filled with mixed emotions and saturated with prayers.

 this was my Bday hideout

Saturday, January 19, 2013

End of 25 days on the road

End of a 25 day trip, 2 weddings, 3 meet and greet with cousins, plenty of food and loads o friends and time spend with my Love.

Finally home, and once again looking for roots.  Wonder what is it that makes one take to a live of a ascetic ?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

India shining

Took a Mumbai Local train ride, 730 pm , train packed to capacity, managed to get standing space, 30 minuts into the ride, a 60 OLD GOT UP N INSISTED I SIT, as he was rested enough !!! thats SHINING INDIA.

OH ya and a dear pal of mine is getting married, its actually happening :)