Tuesday, August 26, 2014

stalker alert : 9 9 5 8 2 9 5 0 9 4

where and what has the school campuses turned into , where are the bicycles that we rode to college and school ?

Am being stalked by a loser the phone number:
Claims it is a women who I am in a relationship with, really if so how come I do not know so, J

How sad and low down has the human race fallen to
They need to lie to get off there juices, easier to actually find a man me thinks. Then  live in a bubble and lie to themselves.

Sorry for such people, may they someday learn to accept themselves. 

May there body and souls RIP.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Workshop 7 days gone

A wonderful and eventful week, workshop with some exciting and interesting students who have great aptitude to go on to do great work is sure in the near future,

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Once Again

I was in a lovely industrial city to meet a friend and help him on his film,

went to help and was happy to do so for no PAY, ALWAYS A  BAD idea to work without pay, and once there I  realized I was not needed, spend 3 days hanging out, My friend is a true gentleman and had a good few days with him, was a mini vacation of sorts, made a few images for myself, and back with the realization where there is no Monetery value  today you can be sure it is a honey trap with no HONEY.

NO regrets as I did not lose a job because of the trip and yes did get to hang out in parts with my friend, but am happy to be back.