Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A town in India with no motorized veichles

The other day found me at Matheran with my sis, what a wonderful drive and a trip that’s so good for the soul, No vehicles
 are allowed here but horses.

We started with a 100 km motorcycle ride to matheran, on the way the bike had a hard time climbing, giving up with a clutch problem and thus it was to Gupta garage in Neral, we rolled our way to the garage, No pushing of bike involved thankfully, so we took a cab all the way up and then a pony for my Sister to reach the top, n a good one hour walk for me, (Yes am getting ready to visit Tawang), and this view you can only see if you are walking

Once there we were at Byke group of hotel, which is a wonderful property and is told is the first Bungalow in Matheran ever,

No mention of Matheran is done without talking about the tree living residents that are all over and all around,

And some history

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Doctors the new Pimp's

What do you do when health is equated with money alone?

When health is a business, where do the doctors go?
Who do the patients respect?
Are doctors the new pimp?

 How do you stop someone from beating up a doctor  if the doctor skinned the patient so the hospital could make more money ?

Monday, January 2, 2017


As I travelled by a Train today, in the second-class seat, my seat was double booked,
(2 passengers with it seat no)
I braced for a argument, the young guy, I was pleasantly surprised by maturity of the other passenger who checked in with the TT and informed me he was upgraded Ac chair car, apologized for the inconvenience, may the year be great for such wonderful and calm and happy people and did I mention he was a tribal guy, from the Ho tribe, not a bhadro LOK that is usually found in the KOL – TATA trains