Thursday, June 28, 2018

The onset of monsoon makes the mundane look amazing, the play of the light and shade, n the occasional blue of the sky, time to pull out the camera and keep it handy you never know when there will be a bright patch outside post Rain.

Well as I rode in the rain,   the bike skidded, hard, and have a injured hand and shoulder,,,

Interestingly I was thinking " I am not wearing a jacket, I should absolutely not ride in this state"  (I almost always wear safety gear when on the bike, and Viola, my arm is exposed and it is almost like I attracted the accident to happen, a bike came from the wrong side, I braked hard to save the biker, n a few other walkers on the road, n next thing I know I am going for a swim on the concrete road, NOTE to RIDERS :-
MRF zapper is a crappy tyre, it is bad for the rains and is not helping grip the road well, I skidded riding at 30 kmph avoid MRF Zapper tyres, 

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Follow the ducks, Digital India

Ducks in Formation

As the day proceeds and I follow a bunch of ducks heading for a swim, I too head to the local market to see what I can discover,
No place like a village market to see the people of the particular area and to discover the local flavor and bellas

Happy Family

Among the way I meet a family the grandmother her two grandkids and the family goat (who will eventually as it attains the age of 3 – 4) turn into dinner one fine day (law of nature I guess)

Farm Fresh

I am finally at the village market and my presence with the camera does create a few shy shopkeepers to be more shy and a little bit of a distraction, ( no this is not child labor, but a family in love )


but it is short lived and soon all are at there work the trading continues the daily shopping of farm fresh food continues

Digital India 

Yes it is indeed what you think it is, Digital India is making its presence felt in the heartland, pulses are expensive and the weighing scale is electronic and out of place, but accurate for sure 

The day winds up 

The sun decided to take our leave and so do we heading back home ,,, the day over for all practical purpose

Friday, June 15, 2018

The Jute Saga

Jutes being prepared for the market

Well I am going to make my first trip to the mandi and sell Jute, yes; it is a 100 odd Kg of Jute (one quintal)

I was told by a farm help who was going to accompany me, that we would be setting off at 0530 hours as the market is finished by 0700 hours, and the market was an hour away

 Dday -1 , in the evening the Jute was all retied and packed tight to make it market ready , the job took a good 3 hours and plenty of sweat like everything in life,

So I hit the bed early preparing for my adventure, and at 0400 hours he is at my door, as I lay in bed still, sleep having eluded me as I keep looking at the watch.  
FH- wake up, and lets go or we will be late he says

I am like – but you said 0530 hours
FH- it it getting bright, so lets go,

I realize the meaning of crack of dawn as I grab my trouser n wash quick and am on the electric rickshaw in 20 minutes time, we are on our way as it is starting to get light.

The dawn plays itself 

An hour on the rickshaw was a treat to be not riding myself and to watch the road roll on by. I reach the market, is basically a road side market where vehicles pull up and you sell your stuff and move on, here I am with 3 bundles, while there are traders with 20 times the amount of jute I am trying to sell.

Volume per Traders 

I have a sinking feel as to  how I will fare, compared to the big player, its not been often that I have been  a small player in any field, it was truly a humbling experience to be the small fry in this market place.

 Hardly is a agent interested in my goods and a few who did come by told me how bad my stuff was and why they would not be interested in buying it, I am wondering if I am being played or if it indeed true, anyway I stick on and finally there is an offer for my Jute, by a buyers agent who informs me my Jute can be used to make rope alone as it is of poor quality.

Rope making 

and not any product and went on to give me a course on what and why my stuff is not the best,  I am a little desperate by now and agree to his rate which is less then half of what I had imagined it will sell for.

Jute is Finally Sold

Well deed done, we head back, I am disappointed in myself and Sibu the guys who helped carry the Jute has a grin as he tell me, enjoy life rain or shine, I agree with him, and proceed to buy him breakfast and some Red meat for his family ,,,