Monday, December 31, 2018

Doing it like a women, ain't a slur no more

Today Morning at 0700 hours as I bundled u and went for a walk on 7 degrees, the scene that met my eyes, made me do a double take, it was a Red spec in the scene in front of me,  what do I see

The wife, The mother, 

No matter what the weather is like, when the time is to work, it is the mother, the wife the women who rises to the occasion

The new adage should be do it like a women not a slur but as a thing of Pride.

Signing put of 2018 with that Thought, whats your thought ?

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Crown of Thorn

Crown of Thorns

X-mas it is, birth of Jesus, the man who wore the thorn crown, n we celebrate his birthday with happiness and joy, anything to celebrate the happy moments,

Friday, December 21, 2018

Living smart

The morning is the productive time, the man is out fishing and will finish fishing fishing by 90900m n will sell his fish by 10, and by 11 he is free to send his time with his family and friends, the ideallic life continues, no chase of money, no Sunday no Monday blues, just each day, to enjoy and live to the fullest

Monday, December 17, 2018

kedarnath the film


The weekend found me in Kolkata , a city of joy indeed, I took some time off to watch a film named Kedarnath: A film on love
Exploring the  the usual premises- ( snore)
Hindu - Muslim love story 
Hindu girl, falls for Muslim Guy,    ( try a muslim girl with a hindu boy and watch the fun)  
been there, done that, such films been going on for ever and is a premises that is not new for the nth time

It was so obvious what was going to happen, it was silly.
Finally the guy gave it all up including his life for her, well what did it really achieve, what was the take away, handling a climatic scene is always a challenge, and once agin this film fails to explore new ground in the climax, Sorry but another forgettable film.

And to try to suggest the utterakhand floods happened because of the family opposing the union of the guy and the girls from different community what a lame ass idea.

The special effects of the floods were awesome, and worth a watch for sure,

would rate it as a One, #kedarnath on storyline.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Tribals make great archers and many others too

One fine morning I visited Potka, a little hamlet town near Jamshedpur, its claim to fame a school that was trained tribal  girls archery.
Girls Practising

Focus aim @ and release 

BullsEye Mostly

 5 of the girls from this school had made it to the national archery team, help from ISWP a company in Jamshedpur who  have adopted this school as a CSR initiative and had started to make a huge difference in the school and lives of the girls.

Our friend Ujagar Singh was of the opinion what it was something about the soil something about the girls and what they had in there genes that made them such good archers, I have always wondered if these tribal been doing archery all there life they must have it encoded in there genes and this school girls were proof of my belief .
guest Speaker - Ronny D Costa

Wants to be a doctor 

Pilot is her dream

You never know where you will see her in a few years 

We went into a classroom and interacting with the girls who came from poor family (this Is a residential school) they bright eyed and bushy tailed look on the face was such a welcome sight

There is no doubt these girls with a little bit of luck will go on to do great things-

needless to say I too did give the bow a twang
Give it a try