Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Riders from Patna, arrive in Jamshedpur

 Cofee and pastry to keep us company as we waited for the riders to show up

Few riders were to visit town from Patna,  club- brotherhood ( brs),
They had been amazing host and now it was our turn to do the same for them.

We had been to Patna for Harsha’s wedding and they had hosted us, we wanted to make it as good for them too.

RKMC club guys met up  presuming  the riders  would reach us by 1030hrs, but was more like 0039 hrs next day, when they did manage to reach us, & we were happy to see them and hang out with them yup our sleep gone for a toss, we had them check into Hotel Boulevard, a grand hotel of jamshedpur, knows for its old worlds charm, the staff at the hotel were very accommodating even at this late hour.

our guests from patna were 
2 riders and there better half in tow
1. PRATIMA sen

2. Kaushik

3. Nirmal &

4. Archana 

and then there were us, Deepak, sishir, me, Rakesh and Huzefa, Biswaroop, Sarabjeet

The  Usual exchange of memorabilia's from each club to the other

they had reached Jamshedpur,  covering a good 400 + km in 6 hours was very impressed with their riding skills and speed, guess the roads had helped them some, even if they had risen on state highways, Notorious for speed breakers

Now as they settled in, tummy of all were growling we were sure, 

Jamshedpur does not have too many night options, but we did manage to find a eatery that’s just opened a week back, and served good food even at this late hour.

The cruising was-  chinese , as it was quirk and it was a nice meal for sure 

It was very refreshing to eat, after the long ride ride for the riders, some of us local guys too dug into our 2nd dinner this night.

We were back at the hotel by 0200 hours a good nights rest later we met up for breakfast at Madrasi hotel and then on to find a house of one of the guests,

Archanas House in Jamshedpur

ARCHANA has a ancestral house we were lucky to find the house and did a few pictures there, and they were on there way by 0930 hours off to Patna, what a wonderfull time we had. God Speed and ride Safe.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

IDIOT box effect

IF you have a idiot box operational in your house,

Other then losing time watching the TV,  it teaches you, your chidren and family how to be dishonest

A serial I see playing out and is popular on ZEE

The story line
The mother of the GUY hates his sons wife
So she  is trying to

1.  frame her sons wife for stealing
2, kill the girl by poison
3, hire goons to kill her
4. MOM is asking her friends how she can hurt her daughter-in-law

if any of this happens in your life, you know where your mom got the idea from

THE girl , she knows she is
1. framed
2.  her mom in law is trying to  poison her
3. her mom in law is willing ot get her son killed to hurt her

and she still puts up with these in name of duty and being a good daughter in law
makes me think the girl is responsible for her state of affair.

And this is being beamed into your house that you are paying for , to teach your
How to scheme and be a low life