Friday, November 28, 2014

Black O White

Am on the road to travel once again, spreading my wings and going where I have not been before, and it is a great feeling, there is time and I am floating  floating real high.

I am exploring life and feeling alive again

It s a great fell and no I don’t have my bike under me but my Camera in the hand is making go where I have not been before, I am vesting places that are new, like looking at shooting in color not, BUT IN Black and White

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

too eager to sign


It is 3 years since my dad has left us and its time to start revisiting the ghosts of his undoing’s and doings, I am finally beginning to look at property matter and see did he look after all well enough, did he take care of stuff

Was he not careful or too careful about what he was entrusted with? did he trust those he did blindly and did they rob him 

There is a process of thought that people who are salaried class / or educated but not from business class are probe to signing away things without really reading things clearly.

Time to see the process at play .

Am already down 15 k and the game is yet to start, JAI BHAGWATI

Now to see if my effort will go into the

come out on top