Thursday, September 29, 2011

Craft of Cinematography -01 -02- SPACE

Wizard of oz the movie was done in technicolor 3 strip, was a huge camera, amazing they exploited the sets the way they did.

Notice how the backgrounds are painted, , it was down in the sound stage.

ALso the transition from BW to color as a story telling device worked very well.

The scene where the transition does happen, actually the door way was pointed in sepia and was a in camera effect as the door opens the colds are seen, The film stock used , n technicolor made the colds saturated , and was a wow moment for the film.

Diopter filter: its a device that mounts on the top of the lens and is 1/2 made of a close up glass and the other 1/2 is no glass, so one can achieve focus on 2 planes at the same time.


There are 4 kinds :

The Deep space cues are :

1. Size difference

2. Textural Difference

3. Movement

4. shape Change

5.Perspective and Convergence

6. tonal quality

7. Color Separation

8. Overlap

9. Focus

10. aerial diffusion

11. Horizon line ( up down space )


Flat space CUES ARE

1. compressed tonal range

2. using cooler color in foreground and warmer colds in background

3. brighter scene at back, darker scene in front

4.Objects and subjects moving side words and not towards the camera.

5. do not overlap subjects to create flat space

6. Size consistency

7. Eliminate color / texture/ aerial diffusion

9. Remove perspective and converging lines

Watch the Movie - Graduate to see a example of flat space creating by the lens, in the scene where Dustin Hoffman is running towards the camera and is still a flat space

NEXT IS Ambiguous space :


2. Tonal and textural pattern

3.Objects of unknown size

4.Unfamalier size objects

5.Mirrors and reflections

all contribute to create such a space

and last : LIMITED SPACE

Limited space: same as deep space But with exception of :

1. No longitudinal Plane

2. No object movement perpendicular to camera.

Using the above DEPTH CUES WE CAN CREAET different kinds of SPACE

now go have fun. :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

cinematography : 01-02

Is it only me of was the moon smiling down at me?

To make pictures/ images - photograph or movies, we need light and photosensitive surface, well the needs are the same today too, it awesome

Next is the optical and chemical process that needed to be figured out. N thus cinematography was on for films.

Alice Guy Balance was the 1st women director, n did more then 400 movies, and she is the one who actually named crew positions.

Initially there were 2 genre of filmmaking:

The Documentaries and Realism: Lumiere

And Fantasy based: like Melis, more of spatial effects and larger then life.

The great train robbery actually had multiple exposures, where they taped a portion of the lens exposed, n then exposed for the rest while taping what was exposed earlier.

Usually cranked at 2 full cranks a minute, approx 16 - 24 Fps it came to approx.

Had sound come a while later, like even 10 years later film making would have evolved more visually

Film NOIR: dark film, it told it as it is, often has a unpleasant end, tells things as they are, no excuses, twisted, darker side of human nature as seen, French loved it.

E.g.: Murder my Sweet, Kiss me deadly, Double Indemnity

Have u been reading my blogs where I have been talking a little about cinematography

There was sunlight in my apartment for the 1st time since I moved in, n wow felt so good, Had to sit there in the sun, have my coffee without my shirt on, source of vitamin D they say :) but Nice to have it inside the house for sure:) wonder what passerby’s will think

So did I tell u, I live on the 1st floor?

It is a row of houses, 8 units in all

With a common walkway, n all the units are similar, think very motels, but then most houses (rental apartments) are that way.

Interestingly where I live is called Culver City; n is the Indian community of sorts

they even have a iskon temple 3 blocks from my house, approx 7 min walk from my house, maybe will try to go there one of these day s, n see what they have to offer :) or take.

Have u been reading my blogs where I have been talking a little about my course? Do check it occasionally,

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Moving to La - hollywood

This is a one point perspective interpretation of space :) as we shift to LA

Friday, September 23, 2011

film production 01-01

1. Did u know when u buy movie tkt in France u actually pay a tax that takes money back to make more movies, n its the only country that follows this system.

2. 15000 screens in north america

3. Releasing over 500 screens make it more expensive in millions of $

4. Women mostly decide what film the family will watch

so lets play jeopardy , n improve information about film making in Hollywood :)

caroline libresco organizes Sundance film fest
Geffery Gilmore: does Tribe FF, in NY
Karlovy vary : film fest in Chezk republick

1. 1st position: collects money 1st as the money comes in
2. Reps and warranties: when you say u wrote the film, n it all dies if it is found that did not actually write it completely, so the fill contract is null and void.
3. Tonal shift: the tone of the story shifts during the movie: VIZ: a comedy film suddenly shifts to a scary movie in the same film.
4. Page1 Rewrite: rewrite the whole movie from scratch
5. OUT TO: like my script is out to Tom Cruiz
6. option: 10 % to writer now, rest when it goes on the floor
7. soft pass: we like it , but we won't make it, if u can't find anyone else let us see what we can do
8. minimum guarantee: what a producer agrees to pays

PAY OR PLAY : we will pay you for this movie , irrespective of if it is made or not


HAZZARAI : lots of stuff
GOY - for someone not a jew,
SCHIDESC- a love affair, like say u take a script to a director,n he loves it and wants to make the movie :)
BASHERAT: destiny


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Craft of Cinematography -01 -01

The responsibility of the cinematographer:



Lighting continuity

Floor plan

Color scheme

Camera continuity



Image size

Camera angle


Film stock

Color temp


Setting the mood

Image quality


Aspect ratio

Setting the mood

Time management

Collaborate with costume designer

Collaborate with set designer

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Looking up

went for a concert n noticed most of us seem to look down while walking, missing out on the grandeur of the world around us .

Monday, September 5, 2011

sending out waves

Am In USA , n indulged in singing Bhajans, ( songs praising the creator) would have thought of doing such things in India , actually in India , there is so much of that , That the mind naturally filters it out, n here across the desert , am indulging in the same , A full circle as they say