Thursday, September 25, 2014

Once more an image of mine is on the cover of a magazine,
a nice gift to me by the photo editor I say

NO matter how many covers I make , it is always a pleasure to see ones images on the cover like it is the first one .

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

light camera and Motorbikes

Equipment envy is on me again

Need to buy

1. Battery powered lights   

2. Camera

3. Motorbike

I can rent the First two, but then it is nice to own ones own, not the smartest choise as one can rent them all, but having rented them on recent shoots I wanna own them now and technology has moved along so much , it feels great newer bits of equipment the question is how long will they last?

Choices choices choices

lets have some chicken while I think over this 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

ONCE again many many thanx to my assistance for there work gO..a..guys

Got a call on Fri for a shoot,
Fri night my assistant was on a flight to another city for the shoot, and to proceed with paper work for airport access,   

Next day morning I was at another city airport to get my papers processed for the shoot,

While my assistant rented equipment, lights camera and crew, gather there paper and ID’s and was at client site to get details for the permissions at the airport.

I flew in a day in advance to make sure the subject does not flee, being a reticent man, and was ably backed by Marketing head of the clients co, long day of scouting and a change of location for a back up, n then to the shoot,

Where again the crew did there part silently (OK Occasionally they were loud and on the Phone) but then it was a mesmerizing 2 hours with the subject making some amazing images, and I must say, a BIG THNK YOU to the guys who were behind the scene doing the needful.

Thank YOU    lovely city  and lovely people of the city.