Friday, October 27, 2017

after many hours of flying

Returned last night to India and after many  countless hours of not knowing what I was doing, I managed to get 7 hours of eye shut, that was nice, n today morning am doing fine and thus the office is out,  me spread out on the bed with my stuff,

and then I walk into the parlor of my cousins house n there she was 


well what else could I do but create a few images 

Swati + 1

a morning well spend and I can feel the jet lag coming along again, darn!  time to crash again!!!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Cindrealla of the Pacific - Ensenanda

Carnival ImaGINATION from LA , the  cruise boat that I was destined to cruise the pacific coast

The carnival Imagination, not that there is much imagination that I see here, just a box that floats on water and yup it does vibrate a bit even for this size, quiet a  sea bird this is, not too impressed but then we humans are rarely

At approx 1730 hours we were off towards Mexico, the road takes 3 hours we would be taking 16 hours, we were in for a treat , the view the slow pace of life, the relaxed life of being on the sea

Yup thats me, and my camera, n behind me is the bunk bed for the next 3 days, takes some getting used to , but then one can't be too choosy and saving space is good on a ship, I say

This is the main Lobby , if you have been to Las Vegas you know the feel, you will lose the feel of time once  you are inside,  and that is quiet groovy at the bottom area what you see is the bar( one of the bar ) if I may add.

The Pool side with little animals for company yup u guessed it right , there were kids and lovelies who sure adored the cute folds os the towels , can you spot a few animals, recognize them

The ideal way to be while on the cruise , just sleep in the sun, n let your body absorb Vitamin D,  nothing feels better then the sun, while on the deck with a breeze for company this is a great way to be for lets say once a month

See I was not the only one who thought so the whole world of people with lack of Melatonin in there skin thought so too

A thoughtful moment, trying to decide was that too much I ate already, should I go for a swim and relax after, or ,,,

The second day we reached Ensenada in Mexico, 125 km south of San Diego, it is also called Cinderella of the pacific and how appropriate and as I enjoyed the sun, I watched PRINCESS after me trying to dock, Wonder when I started to believe in love at first site?
 I watched the princess do a turn and dock, Wow!

 was in the dream world for a while as I watched the process quiet fascinating what is possible.

That’s the flag of Mexico, and nothing looks better then a large flag that flutters in the wind.

The Morning s were always nice with some stretched and jogging, should one not be hung over 

Can you guess what this is , yes it is on a water park still what do you think it is ?

Water park on a ship. how funny is that , or is it obvious?

I stood on the coast and watched a artist at work, wondering to myself 

Is it her that he is trying to sketch ?

The sea doing it s own thing just being the sea every time bringing on the water and smashing relentlessly against the rocks, the love of the water and the land, the sea and the coast, it is a mesmerizing site that I could see all day long 

The cabin that I was mostly parked in come nightfall

 Not to be disappointed as I watched the sun set into the sea to be swallowed in a jiffy, a sunset is just so mesmerizing and some more

I woke up the last day at 0500 hours and what do you knew we were making our way to LA, and the light from the docks were lighting up the sky, it was a different site, and still pretty, maybe I find everything pretty, Am I in Love? ;)   Note to self be on the watch out a slippery slope right ahead

And then the sun came out in its glory and showed what it was all about, the glamour of the sun you just cant beat on any front, it will burn through all eventually and show things as they are, clear as a day as they say

As I left all thats left on water is what belongs to nature, THE SUN, THE SEA n THE BIRDS