Friday, April 29, 2011

back Home

Am back home , n like a kid in a toy store , 1st thing I do , is go to the spots where we went as kids , n make images m , sunrise at Rivers meet , n those time spend running all over the place without a care in the world, the joy of freedom, n the fresh smell of grass and water, they say the constituent of ones body is the same as the water where one is born, I can believe that.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

its all in the mind

I have a uncle who has had a bunch of operations , n I still think he looks a dude even after all these operations and so called scarring of his face, he is so weak that he cant do nothing by himself almost

Is it my memories of him which make me think he looks a dude, or is it that a dude is a dude no matter what :)

pictures to follow in 5 days for your opinions . check back on 5th may

Thursday, April 21, 2011

fooling the rich , NOBODY is a fool

Create a Piece of art ,

if the common man likes it , it works

if the rich likes it , its probably crap,

the rich are too scared to tell that they not what they are doing , they are too scared to let you know they are the fools, they need a artbuyer to tell them what emotions they should like.

Watched a movie, Meenakshi -tale of , yes it is easy to make abstract painting for fools, who are scared n bill them top dollars

when it is a movie, it shows ones short commings, sorry old man, your bluff has been called. event the best actors and cameraman could not hide the fact that you are a NOBODY, bereft of IDEAs,

hope and faith

Like the bubbles all are transient

so long as Hope and faith is there , it is all there .

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

canon ball flower

Somedays ideas just goes for a toss, those days , just a back to basic , good lighting - composition works wonders,

the ANT just so well says it , do your work and worry not about the result

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bank to watch out for

CROREpati or Bhikhari , it aint that much of a difference.

Kotak Mahindra.

I hear the bank is performing well, But I usually have to call for any issues I have with the bank, at least 5 - 10 times, and even then mostly I have to physically send someone to the bank to resolve any issues , or go there personally, making it a HUGE Difficult Preposition working with the bank. in this day and age, it seems to me they are working with the thought that they will cheat at every instance if they are caught they will fight , but give in eventually , why cheat? karma is going to catch up

Thursday, April 14, 2011


a Lovely poem by a friend

Sitting on my swing memories rush back…
and i remember
all those friends who loved me without being judgmental,
all those people who understood me without me telling them stuff,
all those friends whom I connected to instantly,
all the friends who stuck to me all along the way,
and all the friends whom I don’t speak to anymore,
all those acquaintances that I hardly spoke to,
all those people whom I loved but never fought for,
all those secret crushes who never knew I liked them,
all the mean & rude classmates for teaching me that life can get rough and all the people whom I don’t talk to often & yet I know when I’ll call they’ll be around… It’s all these people & more whom I owe - a big thank you for what I am
- By stui shah

n yes this day is when she ( dont ask who ) messaged me :)
after a year

Monday, April 4, 2011

The world champions

Ok so its in Cricket,played by 12 countries, and India is Number one Now ;)

Go India