Monday, October 30, 2023

Golpahari Temple at Jamshedpur

 The Golpahari Mother temple located in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand is a treasure trove as I discovered yesterday.

The Golpahari temple, perched on a hill top, and approx. 100 steps lead to the temple dedicated to Pahari Ma Puja offering are available at the base of the hill.

The temple is believed to exist since 1900 and is considered highly auspicious among the locals. It is believed that the goddesses grant every wish of the devotees. 


The temple visit happened as a friend of mine had a pooja at his place which was conducted in the temple, and was followed by amazingly wonderful lunch.




Unfortunately I was not carrying my camera and the phone came to the rescue once more.




Monday, October 16, 2023

Second day of navratri - color White



The second of navratri color is White


Here we have overloaded truck, I am presuming vehicle manufacturers have to rate there car underpowered knowing user will overload.

Thus if a vehicle can carry 15 tons, it is sold as 10 tonner.


Now to sit back and watch a gush of wind and the truck.


Thursday, October 5, 2023

The Vande Bharat EXP - Howrah-tata


As I left KOL approaching Howrah station at 1545 hrs.

It was raining and silhouettes of office goers returning from office early


I am to take the new Made in India train the Vandebharat Express; I would be travelling for a few hours to Jamshedpur on this train.



Approaching the Station and the designated Platform the Tran was there an hour in advance a sleek white bird



Stopping to make a picture and to pose for a picture with the white sleek train 



Boarded the train finally 45 minutes before departure

It was clean and seats looked inviting

Seats 45 or so per coach



Front view of the seats with me in the chair



I was not very impressed with the positioning of the water bottle next to ones feet, any guesses for why this design anyone ?

I went to use the restroom and was surprised at how huge it was in a circular shape, 

Hope the cleanliness is maintained and I would be saying this to the passengers please let it be as clean as you find it



Finally the train started and we were handed the newspaper,  ( which I think could have been done while we were waiting on the train and waiting for the train to start.




Sorry to say the trays are very shoddy and refuse to close, please fix this Railways



And followed by a snacks tray 20 minutes into the journey


The food was good and had too many packets and options.



N then we settled into a siesta for an hour, which found us in KGP the 1st stop 5 minutes before time.


The same got repeated as we reached Jamshedpur by 1855, a full 10 minutes before time,


A good experience


Travel tile 4 hours

Cost Rs 795 approx.


©  Rajat Ghosh, stock footage / pictures available for licensing