Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Life after dad

Life after dad goes on at its own pace, the cycle of life is on and on, MOM is more balanced and more empowered and is doing way better with me not around to try to do it all for her, the resilience of a women is amazing, and a mother is so very capable of doing it all, am beginning to realize a women who has been and is a mother there is nothing that she cant do , nothing that she cant balance

Monday, March 19, 2012

Thank you all

Thank you all for your love and support it was a humbling and lovely experience.

it was a mazing journey the last few days ,

Managed to be by my dads death bed , and even in death My father was considerate to not disrupt my schedule in anyway like he was in life.
It went like clockwork, of a man well lived, so here goes

Rajat reached Jamshedpur and 18 hours after begin with him, he left his body, while being surrounded by my sister and mother and me and my aunt , people who he was immediately close to. Rajat was lucky to look into his eyes and see him realize that I was by his bedside, Rajat saw him breath his last , there was a definitive exhalation and he was no more, even though the monitors showed his heart was beating ( it was a pacemaker that was working to keep his heart beating ) The date was 6th , his final rites were to be done on 16th , exactly 1 day short of when Rajat was booked to go back to USA to finish his quarter in school .

FB was a great rallying and strengthening Platform once again a new experience as friends, family members living afar, poured there sympathy and lend support and shoulder to tide over the tough time, never felt more loved or supported as the last few days, can't THANK YOU ALL , for being there in moment of crisis and making the journey peaceful. Not to forget those who whose words of condolences were layered with what they could profit from my dads death.

He was not dead 15 minutes when there was a gentleman, who wanted his thumbprint on some documents to make sure that some money came to him , WOW ! was too stunned to say anything but smile politely and walk away .

Now back to everyday life, 1st day back n USA , Breakfast, burnt bacon and almonds , as I rush off to school.

Friday, March 9, 2012

bye bye Dad

6th march , marks a day when my dad left for a better place or for another dimension,