Tuesday, August 30, 2016

More from Kaas

this link houses the video from the ride

Post the Kaas ride I am on the verge of going in for another bike,
Do I buy a Himalayan or a 500cc standard, Bottle green this time?

It is a hard choice; as I like monoshocks, n would like a softer bike what with my bad back (the doctors say no more biking, OH Pls doc are you serious do u even know what you are suggesting)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Kaas ride on 20-21st AUG with Inddiethumpers

Sat morning  
0330 hours I am up, am going on My first ride with InddieThumpers after trying to ride with them, since Nov 2015, something had been slipping and I had not been able to catch up with the guys for a while, inspire of my best effort

Yes wanted to make sure I did not hold up anyone,
And finally I was out of the door by 0500 hours

Proud of myself that I had made good time, n as I reached the designated spot, to meet up with a rider, and he was a tad late, so I waited

Watched the folks and saw the women folks mostly headed to get water for there family, making multiple trips, no one was bugged all seemed to be calm and going about there work, felt good to see the calm of the morning and yes BMC looks like water is a problem in many homes, if only you could do something for these people

BUT then even though I am saying this I do realize it opens up to these people getting lazy and developing lifestyle diseases as they are not doing not enough manual labor that the body needs to keep healthy

Some of these ladies were so good looking and such poise as they balanced the water buckets on there head with no problem and so sure footed as they crossed the highway, Mercifully no one got hit as they made the journey across the road multiple times

Finally at 0630 we are ready to head out to the meeting point in Panel with the other Thumpers, when I realize, I have a flat tyre, so there I was, n just as luck would have it, I was like 2 feet from a Puncture repair shop and the guy was nice enough to do the work as needed to fix the puncture, To remember and remind -  the bike kept up its good Mojo, Never have I suffered a puncture in the 27 of owning the bike EVER  when I am not near a puncture shop

while we stood around and had a round of Tea to start the day - Punit, his wife Geetika and Moi

To be continued ...

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Indian Railways

Travelling by Indian railways is always a charm, and now they have trains doing a good 140 KM/hour, with limited stop, like almost 2 – 3 stops over 2000 km approx., a great way to get some time to oneself I say

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Uber the corporate solution to kala pill cabs

at the airport waiting with the birds

Its 10th Night, travelling with mom and help
2145 hours in Calcutta station, at Howrah
Heavy rains
UBER working what a relief
The uber map map shows 8 – 12 cabs icon, wait time is 2 minutes

I try to book and sure enough its surge Pricing  -  1.5X times cause they are trying to get more cabs on the road it says   its called SURGE PRISING, and to boot I will have to get wet in the rains to go to where the uber is waiting as it has no shed, no infrastructure for the passenger.    SO have to cancel my booking
And get a yellow / black cab, with a 10 minute wait and no SURGE PRISING.

UBER was lying and cheating there customers in plain speak.

Maybe that’s why I am happy Rajeev Raghunathan has been asked to leave,    he has been redefining interest rates in the banks for the ordinary people just so banks can loan money at a lower rate, and we know what happened once huge corporations borrow money ,   money not returned and they get away scot free as the loan amount is too big for the banks to take on a large corporation

Just like there is no one in UBER to be help accountable, similarly when the company’s default on there payments   there is no one responsible and the common man has been stiffed again

 UBER are the parasites of the society, hard but true facts of life,