Thursday, August 11, 2016

Uber the corporate solution to kala pill cabs

at the airport waiting with the birds

Its 10th Night, travelling with mom and help
2145 hours in Calcutta station, at Howrah
Heavy rains
UBER working what a relief
The uber map map shows 8 – 12 cabs icon, wait time is 2 minutes

I try to book and sure enough its surge Pricing  -  1.5X times cause they are trying to get more cabs on the road it says   its called SURGE PRISING, and to boot I will have to get wet in the rains to go to where the uber is waiting as it has no shed, no infrastructure for the passenger.    SO have to cancel my booking
And get a yellow / black cab, with a 10 minute wait and no SURGE PRISING.

UBER was lying and cheating there customers in plain speak.

Maybe that’s why I am happy Rajeev Raghunathan has been asked to leave,    he has been redefining interest rates in the banks for the ordinary people just so banks can loan money at a lower rate, and we know what happened once huge corporations borrow money ,   money not returned and they get away scot free as the loan amount is too big for the banks to take on a large corporation

Just like there is no one in UBER to be help accountable, similarly when the company’s default on there payments   there is no one responsible and the common man has been stiffed again

 UBER are the parasites of the society, hard but true facts of life,

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