Saturday, June 29, 2013

Reaching for the Moon

29th JUne, at karandi , there was the head of tribal welfare center, Urmila Ekka who was quiet keen to get a copy of all images that I might have created at the HUL divas celebration, while claiming she was worried about the rights of the artists and was keen that the artist should be given a royalty for any use of the image.   Interesting fact - It makes me Presume that the TATA’S are paying royalty for every image they use in there publication.

That could be a fact that I would be hard pressed to believe, based on my personal interactions, but then maybe they do pay, just that the people who are featured did not know that.  Time for all the Localities and any one associated with that Tatas to look and check if there image has been used, According to the Head of TRSDS they pay for use of your image.  So there is a check waiting for you.

Tata Docomo -  I have received 2 sms as bill reminder today ,( 4 total )     2 reminder sms yesterday that bill is due on 14th .

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Large Moon

The Moon they said will be closest to the earth , and we did photograph the moon ,    the birds too were there to check it out with us
    while making his house 

Monday, June 17, 2013

There are only Poor People by choice, and whats Poor really

This man looks forward to FREE 40 KG of rice a month, of which he plans to sell 20, and keep the rest for his consumption, He will get it as long as he is alive.
He earns Rs 400 a day working as a labor, he works 3 days in a week and then is happy to drink till he runs out of money, and will come back to work again.   He does not care that his contractor is inconvenienced when he just disappears from work.

Another man is a  driver and drives a commercial 3 wheeler rickshaw, earns Rs 100 / trip, makes on a average, 14 trips a day, That’s Rs 1400 a day, His employer says he works 2- 3 days at a time and then refuses to come to work for a week. Spends his day drinking till he runs out of money, in fact (according to his employer)
This guy gloatingly tells his friends his Boss comes home to beg him to come to work.       

This is the story all over India; in the coming years it is only going to get worse. Giving out free handouts will come back to bite the hand that gives callously.     BUT   what a great way to live by these simple folks.   which lifestyle do u prefer ?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the Failing Tata's, and the incorrect projections about the private sector

The failed private sector Corporates:

No matter how big you are, once you have unlimited money, it will be downhill as power goes to help.

Take the cars of Tata Docomo, the Tata name use to generate trust and one presumed they would do the right thing, one would get good customer service. After all they are in private sector where customer is the king.

But then like all companies, in an attempt to make a few bucks more outsourcing was or low quality hire is the name of the game.

The TATA gallery says, in spite of having my pan number, which is unique only to me?
In spite of having my driving license number, which is unique to me?

They claim if I do not have my phone number they cant locate my record.  And thus can't accept payment.
 Does that sound like an excuse to not work, or worse, OUTDATED software, which has minimum capability to locate data of a customer?

Shame on you TATA GROUP.  Sorry Mr Ratan Tata, with your departure the company is on fast track to who knows where? 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Benu Mohanlal This one prefers a stick to a chick...yehi hai right choice, baby!

Rajat Ghosh:  MAYBE this dragonfly would be happier if it had a chic to be in an intimate position with, and luckily there is no sports body that it has to report to. FREE choice it is called

@ archers in national meet were found in a compromising position and have been banned from national and international meets too? WOW and we wonder why there are rapes in the nation every minute? SEX is too Overrated in India, the land of kamasutra!

  • Stefano Notarbartolo I wonder how much the hypocrisy of British Victorian society which ruled for way too long in India is responsible for this mass paranoia against sex. The same culture that gave Kamasutra, Khajuraho and Tantra as ways to see sex as a natural part of life an ed an eventual sadhana, now sees it just as pornography while it's much more than just that

  • Aarti Mehta India is all messed up w.r.t sex..

  • Rajat Ghosh its just fear runnign us all

  • Jayashree Raju We are a confused nation....!

  • Shubhenjit Chaudhuri There was no ban when at the Asiad village, athletes of different countries freely mingled and tangled leaving behind thousands of used up condoms. Self righteous bastards with highly dubious moral credentials themselves are running the establishments in this highly hypocritical country. I won't blame the Victorians. I think Walk the Talk has rarely been part of Indian culture and is a big impediment to our t of Indian culture and is a big part of Indian culture and is a big impediment to our progress.

  • Benu Mohanlal ...and "MP govt shows 'pregnant' brides the door...given marching orders ..." today's TOI, front page! We are not confused, we're sexist, patriarchal and intolerant, amongst many other things!

  • Rajat Ghosh Are we getting what we deserve or ,,, I think it is important to stand by these guys ! hope they also have the balls to fight the system.

  • Vijay Rajan Singh If archers can be banned, then why not Abhishek Manu Sanghvi from entering into Supreme court , who was found in a compromising position . And that's a bigger issue , showing how corrupt is our judiciary . Position of Judge in exchange of Sex.

  • Jags Bedi It's time there was yet another ministry to oversee this. " Ministry of Sexual Affairs". But then so what ....Who is John Galt?

  • Rajat Ghosh Jags Bedi he could be the man who heads the ministry of sexual affair like u say, n he belives in total free choice for all by all .

  • Utterly Indigo tourists have been affected by this too... (but if it were me, i wouldn't be traveling as a single female and waiting alone at a bus stop at night in the middle of himachal pradesh)... just saying...

  • Pinaki Bhattacharya A nation of bigots run by bigots. You can replace the word bigot with hypocrite. Or Misogynists.

  • R Nelson Fernandes are politicians allowed into Parliament after being accused of Rape or Paternity suits? and these crooks heading the Archery Sports Association are banning the sportspeople!!!
  • Monday, June 3, 2013

    Karma Speak

    28 Photographers, photojournalists just lost their jobs, it does not affect me, and it affects every one of us on this planet.  When such a step happens for the reasons of commerce alone, it harms all.

    Today People think everything is automated, earlier one knew what work went into making a photograph.   Today it is believed the photographs happen because of the camera not because of the photographer
    And thus we see things like the link below show

    The journalist can use the iPhone and make the image, we will see?

    While in India:

     The top editorial group of Forbes India too was dumped.

    When there happen it makes one wonder
    Is it karma speak?

    These move could be because the senior editors and photo editors and those in power lost out on the journalistic ideology to align themself with money, losing out there integrity.  OR this is the push they needed to go beyond themselves to a better tomorrow.