Monday, June 17, 2013

There are only Poor People by choice, and whats Poor really

This man looks forward to FREE 40 KG of rice a month, of which he plans to sell 20, and keep the rest for his consumption, He will get it as long as he is alive.
He earns Rs 400 a day working as a labor, he works 3 days in a week and then is happy to drink till he runs out of money, and will come back to work again.   He does not care that his contractor is inconvenienced when he just disappears from work.

Another man is a  driver and drives a commercial 3 wheeler rickshaw, earns Rs 100 / trip, makes on a average, 14 trips a day, That’s Rs 1400 a day, His employer says he works 2- 3 days at a time and then refuses to come to work for a week. Spends his day drinking till he runs out of money, in fact (according to his employer)
This guy gloatingly tells his friends his Boss comes home to beg him to come to work.       

This is the story all over India; in the coming years it is only going to get worse. Giving out free handouts will come back to bite the hand that gives callously.     BUT   what a great way to live by these simple folks.   which lifestyle do u prefer ?

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