Friday, November 16, 2018

Pandal Hopping @ Poojas

Make shift structure for a week

No Dussera is complete without pandal hopping and watching the amazing pandals, structures build for Mother Goddess and the beauty of the craftsmanship of the build structures and the idols are indeed amazing,

The thought will often leave you spell bound and opened eyes, built at a cost that could well have a family or two live all there life on the money these structures are there for a week or so.

     Amazing Amazing Idols of Godess, more I see more I am left amazed

Mother Godess

Some of the structures also houses little stories along with other idols of God, and Godess, it is amazing to see these little stories as they bring back memories of Mythological stories

The structures are adorned with beautiful motifs and d├ęcor
The pandal Decor

The lighting along the way to the Pandals

More structures, like this one is like a villa, budget One Crore

Bengalis love good food, actually I take it back, they like food period, NON VEG food

Muglai Paratha comming up

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The drinks are the bane

Local rice drink with salt

What do you know the men make merry at 11 am, and the women are running the chores, it is the same, and a problem in the villages as alcohol is served, as a way for the poor ladies to make money, yes it is cheap to make this alcohol,  and the men become useless , soon it will be trouble all around as I am sure there will be gambling too and then trouble in the quiet hamlet.