Sunday, November 11, 2018

it is the day of a solo ride beckons

Another solo rode, I use to be skeptical of solo rides for the longest time, and a big reason was what if I had a flat tyre, and it was a good 25 ears I use to prefer to ride with a pal or two or a club, but now with tyre inflator, it has given me confidence that I can do it,

Starting odo

Excitement kept me awake most part of the night, I hit the bed at 9 pm, but sleep eluded for most part and I was up at 355am, departure time was 0500 hours, had 600 km to cover this day, and a solo ride is a solo rode,

Well at 430 pm I did manage to saddle up, bike was ready and so was I, and here I am ready to start my journey the first hour is always crucial, tone is set for the trip and if the first hour is good rest of it will be good, 

The first hour results in the mirror getting loose, and I take a quick stop to fix the mirror, luckily a pliers is on my tank bag and am able to fix the mirror,
Gps has been functioning perfectly and am feeling confident as I reach Purulia and the railway crossing is crossed, I decide to park and as I set my side stand and get off the bike what do you know, I had actually not set the side stand and the bike toppled over as I get off, n the headphone wire snaps, well am relived one accident done, am sure none other will follow, yes am full of superstation, as I pull out my Bluetooth headphones and plug it in, sync with phone and set off again,

Every stop saw me take a snapshot and a location pin for my loved ones to know where I was at that particular moment, was I being narcissist ? well I was just being responsible I thought

First Stop

It was smooth ride and the GPS was a very good guide taking me through Purulia a city where the highway flows through the city and I never realized how I managed to get through asansol outer, and then the GPS suggested I take a small road, asking the locals they suggested another road where the roads will be bigger and better (it finally resulted in 60 extra Km) as   I went through –Punjabi More – Pandabeshwar- siuri – Moregram, and stopped 5 hours into my ride for breakfast at DUBRAJPUR


 Guess what Litti native of Bihar, a very healthy food, made of chana was available, I sure loved the simple breakfast and was away again, had another 300 km to cover, and was feeling refreshed to start again, weather was good and not too hot yet,

Jumped on my bike and was off again, n soon I saw a massive jam, the jam extended for 24 km approx. I was told, and I started riding on the side of the road, I got off the road and was dirt roading and the next 10 km, before I was told by the cops I could ride on the wrong side, but the consiouncios me chose the dirt road and was a good adventurous ride, skill and stamina was tested till I reached Farakka, and once I crossed the huge farakka bridge which is in a very bad status the bridge is in, and in urgent state of repair, The bike was doing great and I was flying for the next few hours, till lunch break at 1400 hours
as I was on my last leg of the journey , I did not intend to stop till I reached Aminpur my Night stop 

Along the way I came across a temple under construction and if I am not mistaken this temple has come up and I had giver a few RS 2 years back for the construction of the temple, was excited to see this temple that Has come up so well, had to stop and do a selfie here, and of course do an image of the road with my bike 

the soft eve light made me wants to be in the picture and do another image with Black Eagle.

seemed to have hit the sweet spot on the bike and was making good progress, I was Probably going to make it to Aminpur within daylight hours, Godspeed got me there with few minutes of daylight left.

yup this day I had covered 550 Km,  and now to chill for 5 days eat and be merry till Dussera is over and I will head out to NERM

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