Monday, November 12, 2018

Aminpur- day 1

Here I am in my village house, and this year I am going to be here for a week, before I head out for NERM, so it is Photography with the canvas of the whole village available to me, this is going to be a interesting week, as I am planning on a few shows in the next 12 months and I sure hope to get started this week

Narayan Da's Tea shop

I head out to he fields, It is rice season, and I am off to see how my crop of Rise is doing, yes I am into farming and growing my own produce, on a piece of land that was my dads and now it is mine,

One of the plots where I grow Rice/ and jute

Yes what you are seeing is indeed dewdrops, winter is approaching, and its dew drops on leaves of rice plant,

And further on, I was accosted by an lady who I had photographed a few years back, asking for her photographs, what a pleasure to chit chat with her as she paused her washing hair ritual to chat me up and exchange pleasantries with me,

And here is a cutie village lass, playing peek a boo with her favorite photographer ( I would like to think )

 Wonder if this is an image which will make it to the exhibitions ? Time will tell I say 

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