Thursday, July 26, 2018

The artists Prepares

A week has gone by as I grade all the master students for there creations at the Photography module, it was interesting to see the evolution and creation of there’s as the week progressed

Here are a few group exercise results, the students creations

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Farmers be damned

It feels like the government actually wants the farmers to fail so they will sell there land and  builders will buy the land for cheap and build flats and houses  and make a seemingly huge profit you can guess  who all will get a piece of the action ( money ) that’s the real reason why farmers, farming are in such a pitiable state and there is no effort of the government to streamline the system of farming and selling of produce GREED and SHORT SIGHTED Governance is the culprit

What you see here is houses build on fields, that has been elevated , and the water portion is rice fields that is flooded you can well imagine what this place will look like in a few years time,   a bunch of houses and no food and the politicians and those in power will be starving too,,, 

karma does come along no matter what you think, matters not which party is in power, it still has India and Indians losing 

Monday, July 23, 2018

How the city Grows

Construction site

Was in Orissa best known for industrialization and new construction the town has been growing sideways at a alarming rate making the city huge and making it harder for the public transport system to be more effective,  Growing the city vertical  is a better idea they say, as it helps keep the city amenities within a region and easier and more efficient lifestyle is possible,  (according to city planner Kanchan Gandhi)
Unlike the suburban city style of life that USA has practiced where people live in the suburbs and work in the city ( they have 7 times more land then India and 7 times less population of India ) 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Xaviers here I am

Students at work

Hi hi another day and we are going to be doing lensing in class today, the students are hard at work and doing a great job ya.



50 mm, Normal

100mm, TelePhototo

300mm, TelePhoto again

Monday, July 16, 2018

Workshop in Rainy Season

Students at work

A deep grey day it is, rains and dark clouds all around been raining since 2 am, and I am worried how do I get to my class and how will the students arrive for class,
It is day one of the class, so much to do, and I want it to start on a perfect note,

Desperate time calls for desperate measures so I mailed the dean for a car to go to class, and realized that he is no longer the dean, at this institute, but he did share email ID of his colleagues who took over from him, well so it was back to mailing them, and hoping they receive the mail in time, and check there mail to do the necessary actions, I have conducted workshop in previous years so I looked up contacts of other department faculty that I had Phone numbers, but being so early none responded and I sat waiting for divine intervention ,,,

It happened
Finally it all did play out as scripted and I go got a car to go to class in time with some time to spare and here I am teaching a workshop for the next few days to a wonderful bunch of Maters students On Photography

Created by a student

and one more on Leading Lines