Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Starts with a lie, but is a major crime is it now ?

an ethical question,

If one is to travel within the country for a week, and take a newspaper of one state, the same content is quiet often rehashed as news in another state by the same paper, the next day or next week, is there no moral in the newspapers, or do they think that the Indian common man is dead, mostly they are nearly dead if they do not react to what’s happening here, earlier they use to change the layout, not it is just the headers that’s changed and the date, all else stays same, how weird is that?   People are not so stupid to buy this every time. Wake up !

Sunday, June 28, 2015

SGNP on a Sunday

Another Sunday rolled in and I was with friends, at the sanjay Gandhi national park

All of a sudden I realized what bird photography was all about
 The patience
The need to be silent,
The ability to observe and spot birds
And so on,

A great learning experience and yes did manage to test a new camera, the Canon SX60 HS, not too good for bird photography not good at follow focus, too slow, excruciatingly slow
Maybe it was me that was slow, still got to try it again, 1st impression not worth the long zoom that boasts about .

The birds were wondering what the monkeys were doing up there?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Run along and play, mind not wt parents have to say

As a child it must be awesome, to go out in the rains, while the moms and dads might be trussing the kids up in rain wear, the immunity I am told gets lowered as the kid is kept in more and more sterile environment

The way a vaccine works is by introducing the disease in the body, n when a kid gets in touch with mud and dirt that’s what it is doing, that’s why a kid will eat mud and dirt, it’s the natural way to build resistance to diseases around them, but who will educate the parents who are busy providing what money can buy without thinking

Of disease and vaccines

Sunday, June 14, 2015

rains its raining in Mumbai

Yes you did hear it right , it is indeed monsoon in Mumbai , the fresh rains has all in high spirits and all are out in the rain to enjoy the pre-Pothole days

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Burden of life

The burden we carry from birth to death we are loaded with expectations and then do’s and don’ts,
Rights and wrongs,
Rich and poor
Good and bad, the list goes on

We are born empty a clean slate where do we end up at death is to look out for,

Living with awareness and filtering thoughts  

Friday, June 5, 2015

Death is when one finished there numbers of Breathes pre-designamted before birth

Everyone who dies young or old does so cause there time is up,
It’s the truth which we think we can change well we have not been able to, though we are trying to.

 We are born with certain no of breath, the same logic why a smoker lives to 90, even though he is leading an unhealthy life,

It was his choice how long he wanted to work, how he wanted to work, no one made him, but his choice,

We humans have free choice but love to point fingers at others, if our choices seem to be wrong, its us and us alone who decide,
 Free choice we all are free to choose, as we desire.