Friday, March 31, 2023


Ramnavami is a spring Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Hindu Lord Rama, the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu. This festival marks the end of the spring festival Vasanta Navratri. The festival is a part of the Spring Navratri and falls on the ninth day of the bright half in the Hindu calendar month of Chaitra. This occurs in the Gregorian months of March or April every year.

Ramnavami represents the victory of goodness over evil and it signifies the establishment that Dharma beats Adharma. The day is often started by offering Jal (water) to the Hindu God Suraj Devta (The Sun) at sunrise, who is often a time in Hindu Mythology considered as an ancestor to Lord Rama.



Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Mom and Son


Mother and son, Holding the hand that held me as a kid.


© Rajat Ghosh, available as stock image/footage

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Monday, March 27, 2023

Day2 - Simlipal National Forest


Come daylight and we are in the forest we are headed to riverside a few 100 meters from the gate of our forest residence. Birds we were looking to spot and we did spot some perched high.


 Coppersmith Barbet

Crested Tree Swift

Crested Tree Swift

and then as I went about photographing the jungle in swooshed a White Rumped Shama, and sat not 5 feet from me, I enjoyed photographing this bird from close quarter for a while. 

White Rumped Shama



The riverside bordering the river was a quiet place to be at and we observed nature at work as the sun climbed higher




Soon it begins to get warm and by 0800 hours we are headed for breakfast




A huge spread of variety of food starting from pani Poori to puri sabji. We ate well and lounged around admiring the property we are at: 


then at 1100 hours we are on our way back to Jamshedpur,time to say Bye Bye to Simlipal.


It was a quick drive back to tJamshedpur, we drove till 01430 hours and stopped for Lunch at My Favorite Billu Da Dhaba for some roti and dal tadka, after all I told my folks not to cook for me, and there would be no food waiting for me if I did'nt chow on the way.


We were back in town by 1600 hours , a great trip over all

180 km each way approx, took us 4 hours approx including stopping for food. 

© Rajat Ghosh, available as stock image/footage

#Jharkhand#beauty#spring #reflection#motorbiketrip#backtonewnormalseries #jampotblues #minimalism#peace#motivation 


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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Simlipal, Orissa day1


This morning saw me and 3 others head out on a rod trip to Simlipal National park located approx 170 km from Jamshedpur in Orissa. There was another couple that joined us later. They had a flat tyre to start there day with thus delaying there start by 30 minutes.


This is a birding trip and as summer approaches migratory birds are possibly headed back, and Summer birds are returning to the warm areas around here,

I have never been to Simlipal so I was excited and I had Three Birding stalwarts for company, Dr (mrs)Vijaya Bharat, Dr Bharat and Mr TK Sridhar. there is so much about birds to know, a life long journey I am told.

Mr. Shridhar actually lives in the same complex as me, so we started out together and Dr Bharat was kind enough to drive all through, (I guess he enjoys driving)




We are on our way by 0700 hours and is a smooth ride till Bahraghora approx 100km from JSR, where we turn right towards Baripada and 10 km onto the road once again there is a agitation by the tribal's( don't ask me there demands, doubt if those agitating knows either)  vehicles had lined up for a couple of km already.  Finding a low point on the divider,  we jumped the divider and drove up to where the agitation blockade was, mercy be, we  managed to talk our way past the agitators.

  We sped on to Hotel Anita where we hoped to catch breakfast; this place has good restrooms for ladies and the only place I know around here with good restroom facility.  Unfortunetly we learnt on this day that Hotel Anita does not serve Breakfast, they open at 1200 noon and open till 2359 midnight, we were quiet hungry by now the clock showed 0930


Time to open our emergency ration that Dr Vijaya Bharat was carrying and we ate some scacks before we drove on in direction of Simlipal, trusting there would be a dhaba near the Toll Plaza, after all these Toll guys have to eat it would also give the 2nd car time to catch up with us.


Ten km later we came across a dhaba at the Toll Plaza and we all scanned our phone one last time as we waited for breakfast.  word was we would lose connectivity soon as we entered  Simlipal National Forest.


Food was Paratha and dal( when hunger pangs are storng all tastes great ) and here the cooking was superb,  we stuffed ourselves well,( I felt like I  might need to skip lunch)


We had to stop and enter our details at the forest gate register before we drove on approx. 7  km to the border of Core area where our Forest Guest house was


We checked into Lulung Aranya Nivas, one of 2 Luxury guest house inside the Simlipal national forest, rates are approx. Rs 7000/room and food is 1000/ head for buffet lunch and dinner, and oh ya Ala cart is available too.


The riverside rooms seen above are closer to the dining area.


The Meadow rooms shown below are further away, but larger  and avalaible here are golf cart or a 5 minute walk to the room, I preferred these rooms as they had less hustle bustle around and more chances of seeing birds (I was proved correct) on this count,’’

Lunch done we walked around the property


 As I sat outside my room, I was lucky to get some amazing birds come pose for me.


Black headed Oriole

Pigmy woodpecker

Leaf Bird

Red vented Bulbul

( see before this trip I would have named this picture Bulbul, now with my birding friends guiding me , I have gotten more detailed with species )

Relaxing for a while we decided to drive around the forest some, in the buffer zone we were allowed to take our own car and we headed out, Sitakund was a point of interest as it had a waterfall and we presumed there might be some birding activity there.



As was to be expected we did Photograph ourself here and found a lovely statue of Lord Hanuman in a cave meditating


 while there we were visited by a thirsty cousin  that joined us for a dink of water and a few locals who were ready for a bath.




Soon it was beginning to get dark and we headed back to Lulung Aranya Nivas to get some rest and prepare for next day.



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