Saturday, March 25, 2023

Return from Macluskiganj - day 2


Am in the Zone where I wake at 0500 hours and then prepare to head out, today I did the same, but sunrise is at 0600 hours so I try and go back to bed

Tossing and turning for a while and then I am ready for a walk down the streets of Mcluskiganj.


As I stepped out of the property I was hit by the beauty of the place the roads were winding and the Palash trees on both sides of the road just  added to the beauty and is a photographers delight.



The was a signage for a restaurant this place though not open at this early hour is one of the few places for eating and previous eve I had spied a fairly big crowed, MacluskiGanj seems to not have too many eatery’s, and the biggest business for people here seem to be giving out rooms to Boys of Don Bosco school located here, which is a boarding school but does not have its own Hostel.



The estates are all quiet huge it looks like and has an interesting aura or Mystery smell of colonial past, just lovely a place it is.



I am personally a sucked for the Flame of the forest and really enjoyed photographing the flower and tree and roads around us here, n spend an hour walking around before I was  headed back to the Homestay,



 This particular house I am told belonged to a MR Toms and when his family left India they left this property to a Mr. Pashwan who is the current owner, Mr. Paswans family use to be the caretaker to Mr. Toms and his family.


The road was still amazingly colorful and alluring as we drove back slowly.


We were lost in thought of the amazing countryside that we left behind the world and what stories that it has still for us to explore on our next trip!



As we drove back we stopped for lunch at a bakery, on Ranchi – Tata section of the road maybe 20 km from Ranchi.  I know those who have driven on this road might have missed this Pizzeria,  The proceeds of ones purchases helps the charity that runs a school, I would urge you to definetly patronize this Pizzeria even if it is a little overpriced, always good to give back to society.


 There menu is interesting, service slow, but most food are just off the flame, and really delicious.



© Rajat Ghosh, available as stock image/footage

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