Thursday, March 23, 2023

On a hunt at Kaziranga, Burrapahar



This day saw us start for BurraPahar, the furthest from our hotel, we were to start at 5300 hours, we managed to groan our way out of bed at an early hour, and then this was the day when our guide who has been working very hard had a off day and Overslept, to be woken up by us calling him, at 0545 hours and he shaking his way out of bed, came over, we eventually started off at 0630 was I glad he was driving not me, after all it was still quiet cold. As we drive some 2 km off our way we come across a whole bunch of vehicles, which are tourist cars, and safari jeeps that are stopped on the road itself, opposite Burrapahar Tea estate,



we had our first sighting of Gibbons-  Gibbons on the trees, and yes Gibbons are apes and closest to humans, so we were naturally curious to have a good look at our possible ancestors




We watched him and he too watched us, the male and female and Kid was there, the lighter colored is female who was hanging by one hand, with its kid so comfortably, we sure marveled at there strength in arm.  




The male is completely black, we all looked at each other and 30 minutes later we departed on our way for breakfast, the watch read 0730 hours.


Gibbon sighting done we continued to a small non-descript hotel for some breakfast: food was paratha, and we were so hungry we mopped it all up before I could remember to make some images,





In Burrapahar we were by a waterside and as expected did see Rhino, Peacefully eating his breakfast



As he looked up one got to see how large his horn was, these horns are prized and can fetch up to 3- 4 Crores, thus the rhinos are often on sights of Poachers, and happy to inform you last year there was poaching in Kaziranga at all, as per government figures.



We also saw a Stork which I think is Black necked stork. 

As we roamed the jungle we too were being watched by the wise owl (the one we could spot) am sure there were more who were watching us.  We drove on



An alert Deer was by a water body and it was possible we would see a tiger again today,






We were on an alert once more and then we were waiting for a Tiger sighting and while we waited we all took naps, not planned we just fell asleep while we waited ...


It aren’t so easy keeping watch I tell you, very easy to fall asleep, or should I say, very hard to not fall asleep, / doze off, be careless and get eaten, suddenly we had more respect for natures creatures in the Jungle.


Long story short as Our Guide kept driving to the riverfront well what do you know we hit paydirt once more, a Tiger was by the River, we were once again granted a sighting of the Big Cat.


As we watched the Tiger we were aware of 2 deer’s who had sensed / seen the tiger and moved across the river to be on the other side.




As we were watching the scene in front of us and we wanted the deer’s to live to be another day, but were also aware drama could ensure and we could have a hunt scene in front of us.  Being at a height  we could see both banks of the river,  - A water Buffalo was making its way up to where the Tiger was, the Buffalo was blissfully unaware of the danger around the corner, we almost wanted to shout out to the water Buffalo to run.



The buffalo stopped for a drink of water and all was quiet all around us, we watched with baited breath, would this be a chase or a battle, will the tiger make its way towards the Buffalo ? Time seemed to hold still for us.

Too darn bad the tiger was walking away, it was not interested in a meal, and it was making its way away from the river and into the bushes.




Hold on there comes a deer and this deer is alert it had too just watched the tiger walk into the bushes, was she tempting fate? Could we still get lucky?  would be get some amazing shots of the chase and kill or survival?



WOW! Was this jungle coming alive for us, well we waited and waited and waited, finally?

We waited ands waited but nothing happened, and soon it was time to head back, the sun was beginning to come down and we were on our way back, watched by Deer’s who lived through the day 



We said good bye to Burrapahar as the sun set on us, a wonderful day come to an end, Burrapahar sure was magical. Now  a cold journey back to our hotel as the sunset.



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