Thursday, July 31, 2014

Portfolio of a lovely girl

A  lovely friend of mine walked in and asked for a few pictures, and we belted out a few , good fun time spend with the lovely Neha Kaur. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

A week in Ranchi breezes by

What a ride 3 hours on a country bus that rattles and a driver that believes in no stops for no one actually he is a truck driver, but he was driving a passenger bus on this day , as no other driver was available.

Learning was if there water on the windshield and you do not have a working wiper well then just rub some tobacco on the windshield and wash it off, n there will be no water sticking to the windshield, another hidden property that no one tells u growing up, a reason to have a stash of Khaini with oneself on a road trip .

At Ranchi, Kantatoli which is a bus stand am greeted by my dear pals husband and whisked off to there home to a wonderful breakfast and a good chat with her son revealed he is headed to new delhi for admission to NIFT, the school for fashion technology.

As we chat with my friend Seema's son, I keep hearing the name of TJ Natrajan, n on the 3rd coming up of his name, did venture to ask, who it was on whose recommendation he had applied to NIFT, n was told he is my friend TJ Natrajan, n they were told about him by me, and how I had put them in touch with him for there son’s future.

Wow so I acquired some good karma, how nice is I. 

Evening 4 30 and she was off to Delhi, leaving me with her husband and daughter, the lovely duo who made my days such a pleasure, while in Ranchi.

The 1st day of the workshop was a Monday and never realized when it was Friday and time to wind up the workshop.

In between met with a wonderful pal Smitha Gupta, from school, and even got invited to their house for a wonderful dinner, and a meet and greet with her family members, 3 wonderful kids,  and husband. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Another week of travel starts up

The education tour is on, loads of theory and not enough images,,,

I will be learning about some festivals as I do my research work with some doyens of the folk culture and follow that up with some quality time with my parents and then off to
XIC Ranchi for a workshop on photography for filmmakers and photojournalists.

Teaching is a most exciting time, as one has to be sure of what one says which influences the students and also makes one go back to basics, time for self-exploration too.

Recently has the opportunity to spend some time with Mr. Barun Mukherjee a brilliant cinematographer and it was an amazing experience to learn some just by being in his presence and listening to him talk.

Truly inspirational in the time when I am just chasing work and business angle alone and not shooting as much as one would should be.  Time to get the camera again I say.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

misadventure at lenovo service center

Extremely bad experience with the service center, without screaming and misbehaving nothing gets done.  In andheri, Marol service center at HCL tower.   I suggest you shut it down if you can’t afford to hire descent staff.

Every customer including me was told over the phone that phone was ready 48 before we got there; the wait once there was at least was 2 hrs. The phones were not ready and it was. Was made available, that too after calling customer support and complaining about the mismanagement of the center.

The receptionist is overworked and the language that is used there would shame an auto garage, talking in crass and disgusting abusive language.

The next time my phone develops a defect, I would definitely think twice before visiting your workshop, it is not a place for a gentleman or a women of proper upbringing to visit.

I am ashamed and sorry I ever bought a Lenovo phone, and am forced to be subjected to just crass low down uncultured and abusive receptionist.

If you are not able to hire proper and decent staff please make it all mail order service so we do not have to meet and interact with such uncouth staff.
 I shudder to think if there were a female accompanying me, your staff would be behind bars for misbehaviors for sure today.

I was finally handed a dead phone and told, ok check it, and if it does not work come back another day, is this really how you treat the clients who has spend over 20 0000 on your product?

I will definitely never ever buy any Lenovo product and will make sure no one near and dear does so, I will also be going to the social media and the press with my story of your treatment meted out to customers