Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Another week of travel starts up

The education tour is on, loads of theory and not enough images,,,

I will be learning about some festivals as I do my research work with some doyens of the folk culture and follow that up with some quality time with my parents and then off to
XIC Ranchi for a workshop on photography for filmmakers and photojournalists.

Teaching is a most exciting time, as one has to be sure of what one says which influences the students and also makes one go back to basics, time for self-exploration too.

Recently has the opportunity to spend some time with Mr. Barun Mukherjee a brilliant cinematographer and it was an amazing experience to learn some just by being in his presence and listening to him talk.

Truly inspirational in the time when I am just chasing work and business angle alone and not shooting as much as one would should be.  Time to get the camera again I say.

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