Thursday, January 30, 2014

life in 2014

The gaze:   a man and a women, who allures whom, who notices who?

Who is looking who is busy texting or playing on the mobile missing the real for the virtual ,,,

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What are you doing for India 2014?

Netaji Shushes Chandra Bose – its his Birthday today, a man that India has forgotten mostly as he was not media savvy did not care to be working the media,

But to be working towards independence of the country from the British, if it was not for guys like him, we would not have been free ever no matter what one argues he was instrumental in gaining freedom from the British,

Monday, January 13, 2014


Moonrise - over the sea in Mumbai , not very often we get to see this , but it does happen, so why are we skeptical of the possibility that AAP will do the right things and there is hope for INDIA .

yes we can make the change and it will require getting off the seat and going into the field to work to be the change , people all over the world are doing it, so any not in INDIA ? 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Basic Photography Workshop, 8th FEB

Basic Photography Workshop:

So you got the camera and now that you been shooting in program mode for a while, how about switching over to actually understanding your tool- The Camera.

Who do you learn from?

Rajat Ghosh is a Los Angeles and Mumbai based photographer/ film maler, specializing in conceptual imagery for well over, people and imagery, for  15 years. He is equally proficient while working in a studio  or on location. He works extensively for magazines, advertising agencies, and his client list includes Forbes, Cocoa Cola, Sony, Wrangler Jeans

Who is it for :  

Folks with no experience, just starting out, have only a point and shoot , or smart phone, or Dslr.

We cover :
Shutter Speed
( when and how to use them for what purpose) Manual controls

            Aperture Priority
Shutter Priority
And how to use the various features of  your   camera to speak the visual language.
Yes you learn about :
Composition and Lighting and How to see


And some more.

What else do you feel you want to know ?

The idea of the workshop is to provide a platform where by you can form a group to work and help and guide each other to become better photographers, tell better story , travel together, go on photo junkets and more.

Location:   Oshiwara, Andheri west, Mumbai .

Contact :  rajat7549179539(at)gmail(dot)com/  9967852541

Cost : Rs 1800.00  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

the choice is always yours. - what shall it be this year

Our mind is often very unfocussed, (distracted)

It is a kind of person who is called to have “ Vikshipt Chitta“ or monkey mind, they cant keep to one task, there mind will keep jumping from one to another, that’s the lower order Mind, and as one learns to channelize and focus better the mind is reigned in and focuses better, one is able to hold on to one idea and stay with it “Ekagrah chitta” one pointed mind, one sees a gradual rise in all parts of there life as they are able to hold on to there own.

If you want to experience this Ekagrah chitta, think of what bad has happened in a day, your mind will be able to stay on that point and create havoc in your life, hate / abuse/ sickness all will envelop you right away.

The alternate, think of something good that has happened in the day, if you are able to focus on that and stay with that, see how your day / night flowers, how happiness and joy follow, how your health actually gets even better.

FYI - from childhood we are taught to focus on the negative , in fact if there is nothing there to be miserable about our mind builds something out of thin air, ( intellect helps )  thus leading to our misery and sickness of body, feel compassion for oneself.

The choice is yours, always your choice, so what shall it be this year ?