Saturday, March 28, 2015

The dasharatha, and birth of ram n his brothers

Sitting on the beeches of Kochi , thinking of my unfinished film on Ramnavami :

Dasharatha means one who can run ten chariots at a time. Your body is Dasharatha, the ten chariots, which include the five organs of senses and the five organs of action. These take the mind into ten different directions.

The three names of Dashratha’s queens are also very interesting. The first wife is Kaushalya, which means skill. The second wife is Sumitra, which means good friend. There could be many friends, but not all are good friends. Many times, friends drag you in the wrong direction. Sumitra is one who takes you in the right direction. The third wife is Kaikeyi, one who stands by your side, although she appears differently; but deep within, she is benevolent. It is like a doctor who gives you a bitter medicine, or a vaccination. As soon as the children see him, they start yelling and crying, but the vaccination does good to them. Similarly, Kaikeyi who apparently is not pleasant, but inwardly, does that which is good for you.

Dasratha did a yagya called Ashwamedha, after which he got four sons. Shwa means yesterday or tomorrow, Ashwa means today - not yesterday, nor tomorrow. It means it is eternal and the present moment. Medha means purification. Medha also means intellect. Ashwamedha means purifying the intellect by being in the present moment, purifying the spirit, the senses, the body-mind complex; going deep in the spirit.

When Dasharatha did the Ashwamedha yagya, Rama was born. This is the spiritual significance of Sri Rama’s birth. The words - 'rays', 'radiance', all these come from the Sanskrit root Ra, which means to shine, radiance, brilliance and light. Ma means within me, in my heart. 'Rama' means ‘the light in my heart’. When the mind in this body, with some skill gets into the present moment, it purifies the mind and the heart, and then Rama, the light in our heart, shines.

Four things come out of you when Ashwamedha is done. When your senses are purified, then what comes up is the Divine light in your heart (Rama), and awareness (Lakshmana). Then, you have no enemies (Shatrugnan), and all the talents (Bharat) come to you.
Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hunting at Sewri Mudflats

It was another Sunday, n time to make my intern do a field run with me, we visited Sewri mud flats,

 n while the flamingoes were a long way away, we did manage to capture some interesting images 

along with a little man on his way to trap the birds, wonder what the result was?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Another short film shot

A wonderful group of people that we worked together to make an fun film, Thank you all for your dedication and hard work.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Why Holi u ask ? whats your story

One of the stories they say about holi:

Lord Krishna ( an Indian God)  being dark was curious why Radha ( one of his loves)  was so much fairer then him,
His mom replied -  hey grab some color and color her how you want her to be, n thus holi.