Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Directing actors

To get the actors comfortable, if it is a couple

Make them stand facing each other looking at each other for 2 – 5 minutes, see how chemistry builds at a distance of 3 feet

If not working every time they start laughing make them get closer to each other, till their noses are touching, n then watch what happens

Thursday, May 24, 2012

eclipse in usa 2012 may 20th

time for the eclipse pictures to show up I guess, not using a IR filter , managed to get a bunch of IR radiation too

Thursday, May 17, 2012

shooting a film and working with coverage

my body is mine a short film
101 40 mm master 2.8 standard MS 2 shot
101a 24mm coverage 2.8 standard( lil higher) Dirty girl
101b 35mm coverage 2.8 standard( lil higher) Dirty girl
101b 35mm coverage 2.8 standard( little lower) dirty guy
101c 24mm c 2.4 on floor, wide LS 2 shot
201 24 c on floor, MS Guy on floor- girls feet
201a 29 Coverage 2.4 baby stand LS girl wakes up
201b 24 c baby stand LS girl goes to closet , guys there
201c 40 c standard MS girl goes to closet , guys there
201d 75 Coverage standard CU girl goes to closet , guys there
301 35 master baby wide 2 shot wide 2 shot
301a 75 c standard MS dirty coverage
301b 75 c standard MS dirty coverage
301c 75 c standard CU dirty coverage
401 72 m standard CU 2 shot

this is the shot breakdown

Friday, May 11, 2012

Sound in movies

Movies that deal with sound in an interesting manner

Movie - M Fritz Lang1931

Synecdoche – Use part of something to denote something full,

Eg: saying 25 springsinstead of saying 25 Years.

DIGEntic - the fictional universe that the story constructs,and we accept
(The character can’t hear it usually)

Voice of 3rd person is NON-Diegetic
Background music is Non Diegetic.

M- wild at heart 1990
M – One from the heart. 1982 By Francis ford cappola

M – Wings of desire 1987 Wim Wember
M - Thin red line

Sometimes lack of sound tells a story
M- the kids are all right 2010, Lisa cholodenko

Internal sound over
M – The Pianist 2002 Romen Polanski
M – Alice 1990 Woody Allen

M- Burnt by the sun 1994, Nikita Makalkov
M – The informer, 1935 John Ford

Music like wallpaper helps narrative continuity helps coverEditing (so it makes fluid continuity)

Music is used as a narrative:
M- The Scarlett Express 1934 Joseph Von Sternberg
M – Charlie Chaplin 1931 City Lights
M Blue Velvet 1986


A conceptual use of sound in the direction of a distinct NON-Synchronizationwith a visual

M - the shining

Spoof of NON-Diegetic

M – High Anxiety 1978 Mel brooks

M – Women is a women by Jean Luc Goddard

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

whats with the new design

why are we always trying to change for the better , are we that scared of staying the way we are , whats with the perennial , lets do things different , anyway here is a movie, that explores it

Thursday, May 3, 2012

developing short films

Actors in comedy should not be smirking or laughing, they should let the audience laugh 

Casting agency to use in  CAZT . com

Do character breakdown before you post in catz.


  Abe – 40 – 50 male, balding wants to carve a pumpkin but cant get a pumpkin
Beth – 30 tall, sexy, she has pumpkin but will not trade it,

Carl – 40, male, tall fat, is abes best pal, and hates beth, but loves to carve Pumpkin.

Another good agency is LA is

when you are writing scripts focus on :

what's the central conflict ?

What is character committing to ?