Friday, March 29, 2013

Radha and Kanhiya

  • Maria she seems to be a wee bit shy about you clicking her:) but is curious at the same time... she is still peeping to make sure! ha ha.... very catty indeed

  • Radha Kitna pyara. Brings back memories.

  • Radha  Excellent shot! Loved the varied expressions.

  • Rajat Ghosh radha remember how u checked out guys

  • Rajat Ghosh radha teacher tell me more ?

  • Radha True, with the same kind of innocence and awe!

  • Radha Rajat I don't.Pl. refresh my memories?

  • Rajat Ghosh radha teacher, that message was for Radha  sweetest of student u ever taught i

  • Shalini  Super cool click Rajat... Now stop harassing my buddy Radha ok???... ;0)

  • Radha  Holi ke din laaj bachane ke liye you Shalini.

  • Shalini Hehe... Anytime Radha... I am here for you... Aise badmasho ko theek karna mujhe achhi tarah aata hai... Love you too and many hugs!!!

  • Rajat Ghosh you too shalini sharma happi holi to u lovely girls n ya dont forget DEkho magar pyaar se     

  • Shalini Ohhh damn... Wanted some more!!! Anyway... Happy Holi my friend... Come back soon...

  • Surekha Bachna ai haseenon...such bolo, Rajat, kaun kis se bacha ...!? Holi ke din to sab phans jaate
    hain... Radha girl (Roychowdhry), how are you ? Meeting you for so short the other day wasnt enough at all...

  • Sumant  very momentous photo.lucky, otherwise to wait for hours together to get this piv.

  • Radha  Ha ha loved your message Surekha ma'am! Yes you need to stay with me to be able to share out thoughts and experiences. Am sure we will.

  • Rajat now I rest my case teacher, were u partial to the girls YES n its sweet BTW

  • Surekha Aren't li'l girls sugar'n spice'n everything nice, and li'l boys snips and snails and puppy dogs' tails ...?But...all so adorable..
    Radha, will we spend that precious time in Hyd India, or Huntington, UK ?

  • Rajat Ghosh Dearest teacher from the community of snips, snails and puppy dogs ( who are adorable let me add ) yu are welcome to plan your future hangout with radha on yours truly Photo thread, will know where to ," oh so accidentaly show up "

  • Surekha  Rajat, all jokes apart, your photo thread that has brot so much joy to all of us, should also bring all of us together..some day soon...

  • MadhumeetaRajat, I love the picture & the conversation thread which crops up .

  • Radha Of course in Huntingdon Ma'am more so as Kanhaiya wants to snoop around!:)

  • Surekha  Atta gal ! Kanhaiya and be it! Look fw to some beautiful moments..

  • Rajat Ghosh Shalini Sharmaa , meeta - there is a party at HUntington, pack your bags, we are going kanhaiya hunting for Radha Roychowdhury, OK rajat behave now, teacher is watching reading this thread.

  • Rajat Ghosh sumant ji, got the camera handy all the time sir

  • Shalini  Hehe... All you guys are too cute ya... My buddies... Btw, never knew Kanhaiya can go 'Kanhaiya hunting'... Ahem ahem... Can you guys see a biiiig grin on somebody's face...;0)

  • Rajat Ghosh Shalini - Kanhiya always made himself avalaibe to Radha

  • Madhumeeta  ab sudhar jao warna koi sushil kanya jaise biwi nahin milegi

  • Beta Rajat... aaj toh tu gaya... Pucca... Uthne de usko... Bachne ke liye help chahiye toh battaiyo... Chharbe na aajke... ;0)

  • Radha J Jo ho , humko padhne me bahut maza aa raha hai. Never lose an opportunity to smile!

  • Rajat Ghosh shalini sharma now u get it, the gopis were the smoke screen around kanhiya and and the lovely Radha and yaar , meeta - u understand my pain is it shushil kanya and biwi woh kaab hua tha last ?

  • Shalini O Radha teri chunree... O Radha tera chhalla... O Radha teri natkhat najaria... O Radha tera jhumka... O Radha tera thumka... Peechhe peechhe Tata nagaria...

  • Rajat Ghosh shalini bada maaja aa rahi hain na chalo kanhaiya ka yehi mahaanta, saab ki khushi ho rahda n the

  • Rajat Ghosh shalini sharma - What to u is the style of Radha or Gopi’s?
    Every one has am sure love in there heart for someone, u too,
    Radha took on society and was true to herself in her love, said it how it was n that needed having he heart in the right place, and the right understanding about life.

    Today she is worshiped in temples as the paramour of Krishna, even though she was neither married to him, n is fact Krishna had a wife, which did not stop her from being and saying how she felt. Hmmm! Is this divine Dicotonomy ?

  • Radha  sab so gaya!

  • Rajat Ghosh tha magic of radha reigns is it ? The heart of the head thats the real question.

  • Radha J Some older wisdom! The longing heart of Radha creates magic in Krishna. Why only in Krishna, I don't know, cd create anywhere !

  • Surekha Radha girl, from H'don, see your use of 1 word 'Kanhaiya' brought out so much from so many..
    Indeed there is magic when Kanhaiya creates 'pictures' ...and Rajat clicks them ...even as the eternal Radha watches with her dark eyes and beckoning smile...

  • Surekha  By the way, Ms S Sharma, I think the recent popular Radha song you've 'hummed' is indeed one of the most enchanting of recent times...

  • Rajat Ghosh Now we know why Radha is not too much on FB, her one mention of the K word, n Shalini Sharmaa starts singing; we start talking all day the world is in an uproar
    But then its all good ,,, ok need to create some new images now

  • Saturday, March 23, 2013

    Evolved HUman society

    How very nice to watch these folks in action, they sing and dance for hours and finally find a mate, hopefully by the time the dance is over, and then they marry and have kids and go on to live without jealousy.

    So much to learn from these wonderful folks, some call them tribal, I call them members of  “evolved humans  society”