Thursday, December 26, 2013

Equality in India

Here on this planet- PLANET, in the country- INDIA, in a city called Mumbai, we build roads for  vehicles and others , all  getting the equal right’s !    Yes in Mumbai where the road is as much for vehicles as it is for every human of this country, PLS do NOT moan ever that roads are being built for cars alone and the common man is not benefitted?

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Friends indeed

There are times when we work our self off into what we consider is work, n those times what keeps us going are wonderful friends who accept us as we are, n keep us going and going and going,

One such pal picked me up from the station and hung out with me when I needed someone to lean on

Another such pal offered me shelter the other day for a week

Another hung out with me; n forgave me in spite of me being difficult to be with

Thank u to all the pals who come though and to those who just sit and judge and criticize and say what they think I am going wrong.  

 What is right, if there is no wrong?
What is black, if there is no white?


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Health is wealth

When there is no light seemingly at end of tunnel, one starts to look for light from where ever the light is leaking in from ,,,   health is such a issue, while we are  healthy we take it all for granted , n then all of a sudden it can just leave us , leaving us just a mass of chemical and biological reactions alone

Development is just not about the external but internal too.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Growing old together

lies cheating and more, how can the world go on like this!

Ok so this was a corporate and we say the corporate is a entity , so maybe there is something about a person too , how to know what goes on in the mind, how can one be sure? How can one be safe on these issues.

The mind is so easily foxed, more and more men are left in the dust as the women keeps dumping allegations and hurting the honest man, n then go on to find the dishonest man in there life.

What one does( sows) one has to pay in this life itself. so be it.