Friday, September 27, 2013

Mother and son

A relation that’s born in the womb, n a journey that continues for a lifetime, there is evolution in the relationship, a mother sometimes forgets anxious as the on gets a wife, (another nurturer for the son)

Is it really your son’s betterment you are thinking about, or your own interests?

It is seemingly easy to judge and point fingers at others and pretend to be very evolved and progressive, are you really? Can the mother in you accept the change’s as happens INSIDE YOUR HOUSE? 

Think of this, Yoga says  be in the observer mode every moment and it will be easier to accept the changes as they happen.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Discovery of Arun Thappar ( Arun Slapped)

We were working on a documentary on a lost sport of the tribal of Jharkhand, we made a movie with them, a short 5-minute piece with Arun, which incidentally we tried to monetize by showing to various TV channels and a certain TV channel showed interest in the story.

They seemed to like the movie, and we were asked to make another cut of the movie, for 10 minutes, we went on to do so. We were called in by another executive of the channel to show the piece and were told we would be called again for another final meeting. These meetings also made the hopes of these tribal soar, they presumed they will get some exposure if this program was aired and there lives and there traditional sport was showcased, they hoped they will get called to show there skills in the sports and have a better life if this sport was again revived, We worked for a few weeks got another segment ready, n then the waiting games started, we were called to Delhi, but then once there, the trail mysteriously went cold.

The Design and Consult Operations Head, was more interested in meeting girls then in seeing the episode.  So here we are in Delhi hoping that the show can be made into a longer piece which hopefully could go on to help the tribal who are usually reserved and hate outsiders coming into there lot, I can see why, when men can only think what’s between there legs, how can the blood ever reach there brain for them to actually see things for what they are.  DISCOVERY FOR ME HOW THE BRAIN WORKS FOR CERTAIN MEN ( AND WOMEN) 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A mumbai evening.

Watched a movie, “ the lunch box”, chatted with the director and actors- Irfan Khan, Nimrat Kaur and Ritesh Batra, there was no Mobbing and a pleasant evening.

No bitching and abusing and playing out blame games in overtly emotional manner as is so Indian was involved,

A sweet movie, a must watch, made from the heart which played out wonderfully, brilliant acting n  A pleasure to watch, reminded me of the workers we shot in Surat, in Rthym with themself and there work

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Innovation forum 2013

  spend 2 days at the  Innovation forum addressed by the giants of the industry .

amazing to know how people are doing things for the people on all sectors  and the visions of the leader, to know more visit the forum website .  ttp://

President , Rolls Royce, india - S asia

Sunil Sinha - CEO tata quality service management

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shooting in Surat

Been a few days now, working on a film in Surat, which is being Directed by Rahul Jain of Cal arts, USA, yup am Director of Photography and having a blasé, last day of shoot tomorrow, Look forward to the film and what it has to say anxiously.

We might have an editor position available in case you are interested do drop me a line.