Wednesday, April 28, 2010

water water leak, water steal, Mumbai needs to draw on reserve water stocks in 100 yrs

Today they said there will be no water at panvel, Mumbai , India ,

well Not only is there water supplied, but also wasted for lack of maintenance

Last 3 months has seen over 500 pipe leaks, in many places pipes broken to steal water by the water mafia, lack of rains, has made the govt declare a 15 % water cut across the city

If only we will ever learn to conserve and build quality will we get out of being a 3rd world country.

no this aint oil, but water , more precious then oil ...

This isn’t fireworks, but our future up in air n burnt away; it’s a fountain out of a leaking pipe!

quality quality of work India !

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

wonder how the birds manage to live there life n the summer

Monday 19th, woke up from siesta at 1530, relaxed and fresh as a daisy, sat the computer on rubber ball for better back movement, for a while 15 minutes max, got up to a niggling pain on the right leg, decided to go for a walk, a good 45 minutes walk, which took me to a coffee shop, for a cold coffee and to sit around for half an hr with a friend, catching up on good old times, left the café the pain had increased enough for me to buy a tube of muscle relaxant, and to apply it there and then,

Back hm in 15 minutes and reading a magazine, Vogue ☺ well try to put my feet down, n the legs refusing to move, n excruciatingly painful to any movement at the knee area, the muscles around the knee seems to be very very stiff, n in 2 hrs time, could not move at all, felt like a degree of turn on the leg too would d make me sweat in pain, n anguish.
Called doctor, (my dad) spoke to him, took a muscle relaxant pill, n tried for 4 hrs to get sm sleep, pain increasing all along, n me convinced my leg will never recover maybe, dragged the bed to the door, (took 30 min to do that) in case I could not move later, wanted to be sure, I could open the door, if I called for help.
A torturous night, loads of painkillers and a very anxious me managed to get sm sleep around 3 in the morning, thanks to meditation and trying to heal the pain via meditation,
Following day

20th, early morning a pal came over, took me to the hospital , wated around the hospital for long hours as things moved at its own pace … I could manage to move my leg a little better by now, spend a few hours, doing x rays / blood tests, the doctor could not find nothing wrong with me, except suggest maybe I had a infection somewhere else, n this knee muscles acted up in sympathy to the other infection, sounded a lil hard to believe, but then he s the doctor, n I believe them.

Now am trying to rest my knee, as I try to indulge in my spiritual journey to heal the pain now from within, and get sympathy from friends and lovers :))

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The year 1417

The bengali new year 1417

Under the Mughals, agricultural taxes were collected according to the Hijri calendar, which it does not coincide with the harvest. Farmers were hard-pressed to pay taxes out of season. To streamline tax collection, the Mughal Emperor Akbar ordered a reform of the calendar. Accordingly, Fatehullah Shirazi, a renowned scholar and astronomer, formulated the Bengali year on the basis of the Hijri lunar and Hindu solar calendars. The new Fasli San (agricultural year) was introduced on 10/11 March 1584, but was dated from Akbar's ascension to the throne in 1556. The new year was subsequently known as Bengali year.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The sun thru my window

The sun crept by window today , peaked in , liked what it
saw-was maybe and went by - bye

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Indian railways since 1853

Indian railways

Indian Railways the largest and busiest rail networks in the world, transporting 20 million passengers and more than 2 million tonnes of freight daily. With the help of : 1.6 million employees, covering 6,909 stations over a total route length of more than 63,327 kilometres (39,350 mi).

Railways since 1853

Monday, April 5, 2010

Looking around us, water water

One does not need to travel great distance to get a great view, its right where we are, just need to look up and around 

water Water everywhere, and not a drop to drink, yes summer is on us and time to conserve water, even if the planet is made of 80 % water , be carefull!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Image after a swim

Did a trip to Phuket in Bangkok, lovely lovely Thai folks all around and the food was simply awesome, yup think am at least 5 pounds heavier, n a tad faster in my response with the camera, now that I shot 2000 images in 3 days


Went in for a swim at midmorning, at a private beach owned by the condo which in turn is owned by pasha ( see how groggy I still am from all the beauty around me ) n came out of the water all groggy, but then this scene just jumped up in front of me, and had to reach for the camera.