Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sign of a true leader

Living by fishing, How nice is that, catch the fishes, or crabs come to the shore, hang out with the family and sort the fishes (quality time with the family, and maybe even the community) soothe the eyes by looking at the greenery, have a bath and a good few laughs, relax and, so much has already been achieved by 6 am.  Now thats Quality of Life I say :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Rotary Jamshedpur Calendar

ANOTHER calendar launch today, 4 of my pictures, no wait 6 of my pictures made it to the calendar. Done for Rotary club of Jamshedpur, n working with the theme of Heritage buildings and combining nature along with, it turned out to be a wonderful piece of art work, priced at Rs 200 + shipping if out of state / country. Is a must have for the documentary value alone.

It was an awesome way to get to know my city better , and to give back to the community that I grew up as a child.

The launch happened at Beldih club and gave me an opportunity to meet up with some of my contacts from the past, folks I knew as I was growing up in the 80’s and part 90’s    the calendar was well received and not too many questions to fox me and hold me up from making images of my current passion Films.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Train Ride

Took an train ride, the other day, what a lovely array of people and warm people out there, it was a total pleasure to be with them, interact with them and to get to know them,

People who have nothing to lose seem to be more open about things and that what makes them so much richer then otherwise.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dads Friend I never knew, while losing a dear friend

I am walking down Bistupur main road, and as habit is, I stop by at Ajay's jwellery shop.
Yes its been a good 20 days that he has left us to become – the late Ajay Shah I see his father in the shop, probably the 3rd time I am seeing the gentleman, we start to talk.  I offer my condolences; he seems quiet distraught still and not focused, to make him comfortable I mention my dad as a way of introducing myself (a very Indian small town way of introducing oneself through ones parents) whom I lost 13 months back.
All of a sudden the gentleman is full of words and speaking to, starts to narrate how my father started his career, at Biswas clinic in Bistupur, how much my dad charged (Rs 2   some 48 years back, interesting to think and in 2012 my dad still charged Rs 50 a patient) to the days that my dads business was still to pick up, to how my dad did lose hope a few times and wanted to move back to Calcutta, but this gentleman Mr. Shah was instrumental in keeping him in JSR with his words of encouragement.    It was wonderful listening to him talk about my dad and tells me stories of the time my dad started his own chamber some 45 years back, the time they spend having numerous cups of tea while waiting for patients to show up .

Slowly he did open up talking about his days and how it was living in Tatanagar all these years ,,, he did share his feelings about Ajay, How good a son Ajay was to him (why am I not surprised) , and how proud he is of Ajays friends -  Pankaj, Vikas, some dudes from London ( wonder who )   needless to say, I left a good 45 minutes later,  knowing Ajay need not worry , his dad is doing well and so will his family , who have the support of all friends and family.  Lucky is a man who has so much good will as Ajay does posthumously.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Business cards 1 or 2

Working on my new business card,  which one will it be ?

One has more of pretty images ( to me )
the other is more hard hitting ?

one is more of Physical beauty
the other is more of spiritual beauty .

choices choices choices

 Option 1.

on another Note :