Saturday, May 29, 2010

Counterpoint ( not so Vir) of Mr. Sangvi

The Government institutions run for the people Mr. journo, not for the urban elites who are stupid to buy a cuppa coffee for Rs 125, which only cost Rs 1.25

Do not close down the air India, and Indian airlines, that’s the only airlines that in this day and age, serve hot food, (most private airlines that u talk of… praise don’t)

The legrooms in the Ia – ai, are more then in most private airlines in economy section … think about that

Doordarshan programs are actually of better standard content wise then your private channels, try to jog your memory … Buniyaad, Malgudi days, discovery of India, Surabhi …

Speaking of Morons … Doorsarshan sports is the only channel in the country who show sports other then cricket … in case you dint know, there are other sports like Table tennis, badminton, athletics … you actually need to watch TV more before you write …

Yes visit a yatri niwas, or a govt run resthouse at any time of the night, at any corner of the country (places which your fancy hotels do not exist cause they cant mark up thinks a 1000 Percent) they will still get u a place for the night and a meal, they serve society that society which privileged journalists use to make a living and then bitch about …

Time to wake up and smell the coffee its only costs a few bucks and not hundreds of bucks for a cuppa in India

If only journalists actually thought before they wrote …

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And then they were alone

Don’t know where the other kids are, today I could only see on egg, the last kid on the way it looks like,

Talking of one,

Its annual summer holiday time for my cook. So I am all-alone and before she left (my cook) there was a production line of food made to help me sustain myself for the next 4 days J after which time I will also be going to my parents Golden anniversary.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

every time u smoke

My friends
this is what I get when u smoke

not including the fact that I might lose u, few days/ years sooner ...

So I bit the bullet

as they say , n got involved in video :)

here is a small piece on my favorite topic currently The crow family

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baby gone

Today I went to the nest and the baby was gone ... wonder if it fell off or flew off or ...

Well I also noticed that another egg was beginning to hatch open … or was it …

Well I think the mother helps the process by breaking the egg with the beak and help the baby along

Maybe the baby is already inside n the baby is being fed by the mom while in the egg ..

Kind of makes me wonder, what the IPL be like, without Lalit Modi to steer it , can it retain its glory ?

Already the team owners are trying to save cost on IPL 4, and would not be surprised if they doubt if it’s all downhill from here … is the party over

Or will it fly on its own?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother of Cricketers Kadambari

Is it a women thing? Irrespective of age … I think by her pictures she looks not a mom yet …

KADAMBARI (of HT) FEELS … THE Indian team members did the right thing in going to a pub in spite of being told not to go out to pub after there bad bad ba performance … After all they are young men … and got into a fight (maybe)
So what IF THEY LOST, FAILED MISERABLY in what they set off to do …
So what if they REPRESENT INDIA …
Their behaviors reflects on the country …

And that my dears are what ails India; we make excuses for losers rather then making them into winners ...
after all they cricketers need to party all night so they can play next day after all they are young boys , and common sence dictates if u party stay awake all night u are going to be tired the next day ... but not for us Indian cricketers ...

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Finished another assignment, along with birth of a few cool pictures

The 1st of the lot is born

boy is he ugly but then guess they all come like this

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My relationship with the crow family is growing

Nice to be back home from 46 degrees in orissa, getting to the airport was fun and barring 3 - 5 head on collision scare barring was me just sitting and watching the driver work his magic, we did 160 km in 120 min on a single lane highway, and what did I do once back ? Yes you got it right, checked on the crow nest

the nest seems to have become more deep and comfortable and inviting, am looking forward to seeing little crow babies, wonder what they eat ...

Now I visit the crow nest 2 – 4 times a day, the crow knows that I will visit, maybe it’s my imagination, but if I don’t go to the nest n look them up they come n start screaming outside my window, the moment I visit, they again a force of habit, run away, but there are no alarm calls like they use to earlier when I visited the nest.

They just sit around and seem to be playful around me.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

mothers day / photo/ photo assistants

usually we only see the lovely image, what about the work that went to make it so ?

Just like we see the success of the child, n not the work by the mother to make the child so ... ok not all mothers or fathers, Still today is mother’s day...

My assistant is on his way to the next location,

It just so happens that a flight ticket is costing us$ 500 for a 3 hr flight, which usually costs us$ 250

So he tried to take a train to the location of the next shoot, which is a 37 hrs journey, sorry no seat on the train, so now?

To save the client's money, the efforts continues: My assistant is taking a train for 30 hrs to Calcutta and then a flight to the location for us$ 100, it will cost the client us$ 225 approx, while my assistant sweats it out for 3 days to get to the location.

Outside temp 45 degrees centigrade. The unsung heroes of my photo production team, Thank you. and yes thank you mothers dear for making us ...

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Am looking into the scene not handling the camera as I have been for the last 10 years different feel, feel like a Voyageur

Been a year since we spoke about doing a film, n finally we just got done shooting the film, now for the editing and doing all that stuff, exciting time trying to be a cinematographer,

Haven’t slept 3 nights listening to a workshop based on equipment and technology I wanted to use for the job, must say the 1st 2 nights I did dozed off a bit, 3rd night was up all night, comfortably, the night before the shoot, was up just out of being excited about the new stage of my life, shoot was fun experience, n now to get on with more … quality quality is all that I am trying to impress on my crew, and am happy to say , they seem to be as passionate about the film and the quality as I am... Thank u guys