Saturday, May 8, 2010

mothers day / photo/ photo assistants

usually we only see the lovely image, what about the work that went to make it so ?

Just like we see the success of the child, n not the work by the mother to make the child so ... ok not all mothers or fathers, Still today is mother’s day...

My assistant is on his way to the next location,

It just so happens that a flight ticket is costing us$ 500 for a 3 hr flight, which usually costs us$ 250

So he tried to take a train to the location of the next shoot, which is a 37 hrs journey, sorry no seat on the train, so now?

To save the client's money, the efforts continues: My assistant is taking a train for 30 hrs to Calcutta and then a flight to the location for us$ 100, it will cost the client us$ 225 approx, while my assistant sweats it out for 3 days to get to the location.

Outside temp 45 degrees centigrade. The unsung heroes of my photo production team, Thank you. and yes thank you mothers dear for making us ...

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