Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Purpel heron fighting

 even in the bird kingdom all is not well, Purple herons are pissed off at each other looks like

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Headed to Monglajhori - lake chilika





0630 saw us head out! Not before we tried one last time to find the emerald ring lost by my friend as she had cleared the table! Put all in a garbage bag! I had in turn trashed the garbage bag at local dumpster. 


Note to all: be careful while cleaning! Be patient n not in a rush to trash all! Cleanliness is ok but not at cost of...


Note to self: pro castranation is ok; don’t have to be too efficient or lazy. 




As we got out of the building! There's a marathon going on just outside my house, it took some negotiations to get the organizers to let us through!   N if truth were told the cops were really nice n helped us on our way.   Jan has loads of events in koi for sure. Please plan your trip accordingly n don’t forget to enjoy.



We made it to Park Street to meet up with other photographer’s n started out finally at 0740 hrs. Gps mentioned it will be 1834 hrs. 



For us to reach traversing 520km approx. 4 of us headed out n took first break at - kolaghat, htl Anaya it was n we enjoyed the food here,


 Aloo parathas n curd n coffee seemed like a very well visited hotel by the number of folks who trooped in while we were waiting.  Breakfast done we did a steady 200km almost before we took a break for lunch.   


20km after Bhadrak, Orissa. at k3- restaurant, food quality 7.5,


  Fish was available too, Orissa one would think being so close to the sea there would be sea fish available too, but that's not the case, only river fish is available.




We are at Godwit (name of a bird) eco resort.  Basic accommodation no a/c but hot water available costs Rs 2500/day approx., with food.

N is one of 3 staying place in 5 km radius of boating jetty, which is 4 km from our hotel. There’s Monglajhore nature camp 3km from jetty n a homestay closest to the jetty (still 2km away)


Mobile tower/ connectivity very iffy, 


Can make calls occasionally depending on where one is. Data connection non-existent almost.


Yes one can forget there mobile while here n soak in nature.

Make sure you enjoy the company of whom you travelling with. As they will be only friendly face you will set eyes on for your duration of stay. 


We are here for 3 nights that's 5 safari to see and photograph birds



Sunday, January 8, 2023

Road trip to Sandhu da billu da dhaba


Riding out to a local eatery “ Sandhu da billu da dhaba” , a road side eatery 60 + km from my house, located on NH33,  Join us on the ride from your living room virtally.



 The food we shared was just so yummy, the air nippy, overall a great ride indeed. 




Friday, January 6, 2023

Carnival at Jamshedpur



Day 1019 days since lockdown, 6th  2023

Jamshedpur once again boasts of its carnival, after a few years, music to start with and food stalls galore, Music is always entertaining and now that I play the drum it is more of interest to me, what Music turns you on?


© Rajat Ghosh, available as stock image/footage


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Thursday, January 5, 2023

Welcome to 2023, Happy birthday MOM






Celebrating my Moms birthday as she ages oh so gracefully, may we have her presence for many more years to come.



1 st of January when the world celebrates coming of New Year, we also celebrate the birthday of my Mother.

Apologies to my friends who I missed out on inviting, here is a film for those who could not be a part of the celebrations.