Saturday, March 17, 2018

The mind, the runway to dream

The location for peoples dreams and flights to take off,
It is a mesmerizing site always and no one can resist it

If one fails to achieve there dream,
they did not wish it enough,
did not work towards it enough
it was not there dream,

we are the only barriers to achieve what we want,  it is our mind that stop us

it is our mind that makes us feel insulted, no one can insult you if you do not want to feel insulted,

Dream big,  unshackle your mind - SOAR

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Whats a Women's day?

Takes a fall

And now as I watch as girls are riding, not pillioning, on The ENFIELD I am happy for them, that’s women day to me, though in all reality they are riding every day and it is women’s day every day, while the short sighted want to celebrate women’s day as One day, 

My day starts with bowing down to MA Swaraswati, MA Laxmi and MA Bhagwati in No particular order, and interacting with my Mom and other ladies in my life, how can I just celebrate womens day as 8th March alone, is it not a lie

It’s been a Royal Enfield for me all along a 350cc when I started out in 1989 and now a 500cc bike that can be handled locally by any mechanic, as it is low tech has been the way to go for me, other then the cruiser angle, it is more of a touring bike and has a street presence because of its sound, it also often does not require use of the Horn as the sound does make one aware of approaching bike, sort of a signature sound of a bike on the road.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Mother power

Fri as I wake up at 0630 hrs. there is my sister in law in the kitchen groggy eyed, making coffee and cooking , sleep written all over her body language as she forces a smile and makes chicken salad, breakfast for the kids who go to school at 0800 hours as my mother wakes up at 0700 hours , she is tending to her eyes, ( My mother just had a retina operation ) and needs her drops 5 times  a day, the kids are suitable scolded and made to get up and sit with there books for an hour ( more like 30 minutes ) before they start to prepare for school, involves forcing them to go for a shower and come out within 15 minutes each( what do girls do in the bathroom so long I wonder ) n then it is  the mother is feeding the kids as they run around the house eventually it is 0830 hours and the kids are packed off to school and then it is time for getting food organized for her husband , he goes to office at 1000 hours and needs a full meal before that ( Yoga for my sister – in – law, a 20 minute ride away is skipped as she tends to her family this day too ), wait the maid has skipped work and she has to do dishes before there is any cooking  happening , munching on some fruits she goes about her task, did I mention her sunny disposition is back and she has a smile on her face as she goes about her work, failing which I complain about her sour long face. Food served and her husband off to work, now she prepares to sweep and swab the floor, after all it is only a 1800 sq foot house and will be a good workout, she missed yoga today remember ,  that done the clock ready 1255she  now she is having breakfast, I leave house on a few errands will be back to tell you what else ,,,

Sat morning:
She is off to sonarpur by train with her daughter in Tow and it is only 0630 hours, yes you guessed it, for tuitions for her daughter so she was up by 5455 again to get breakfast organized and shower and off they go, they are back by 0930 hrs. And then she has   to prepare breakfast after all it is Sat, and we the guys in the house slept late, n as she enters the kitchen she realizes the maid has not come, so it is an hour of washing dishes before the cooking can happen, and with apologies to all around she is washing and drying dishes before breakfast is served,  1130 she is off to the hospital for immunization shots for her younger kid, and back by 1300 hrs. To prepare and serve lunch, Lunch done it is 1500 hrs. And as we plan a siesta she is preparing her younger kid for a dance program it is Holy (basant Utsav) in Kolkata, and the kid suitably dolled up is dropped off by her to the dance class 30 minutes away, by my SIL, 60 minutes later she is back to pick up the daughter and get her back home the clock says 1900 hours and it is time for a cup of tea and
1930 hours she is with her kids once more making sure the kids sit with there books and is ready to study, both kids have been given instruction what all they need to study and she is once more in the kitchen, dinner preparation time,  two hours later she is once more with the kids making sure they did indeed study and completed there homework, as she table is laid out and it is dinned time,
the effort of cooking and eating is completed by 2300 hours and she is still chirpy and go around the house with a smile on her face as we sit around watching TV.

You do realize she goes on following this routine every week of the year, if nothing attest 40 weeks of this schedule every year with NO pay, BUT cause she is a mother,

That’s women power, dare you to challenge it and live that life add a liberal dose of crank kids tantrums, from time to time,

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